Triple Talaq Bill: Discussion in the Lok Sabha on the Three Divorce Immediate Today, the government engaged in passing the bill


Triple Talaq Bill: Discussion in the Lok Sabha on the Three Divorce Immediate Today, the government engaged in passing the bill: There is a possibility that it will be passed on Thursday after discussion on the immediate three Divorce Bill in the Lok Sabha. The BJP has issued Whip to its MPs. The Narendra Modi government presented the draft of this bill first in the first session of Parliament after assuming its second charge in May.

Many opposition parties have strongly opposed it, but the government says this bill is a step in the direction of gender equality and justice. The opposition has drawn up a strategy to immediately stop the government on seven bills, including three divorces.

According to Source

Sources said on Wednesday that the BJP has issued Whip to its MPs and asked them to ensure their presence in the House. In the bill, three divorces have been termed criminally and there is also provision for the convict to be sent to jail.

What opposition react

The opposition has warned the government against passing important bills without passing on the legislative criterion at a speed. In the meeting of opposition parties for the siege of the ruling party on this issue in both Houses of Parliament, it was agreed that arbitrary efforts will be made against the government’s efforts to pass the bill.

Opposition give the list of Bills

The opposition has given the list of its intentions to send seven bills, including the Right to Information Bill Amendment Bill to the Select Committee under the same strategy, on Wednesday, to the government. The government has advised the government not to hasten even in passing the three Divorce Bill related to Muslim women.

Govt on Complete preparation

Given the government’s complete preparation to increase the existing session of Parliament for ten days, opposition parties have formed their common strategies in the same manner. In both the Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha, separate meetings of the leaders of opposition parties emphasized the unity and coordination of their parties on important issues.

Sonia Gandhi

Sonia Gandhi, leader of the Congress Parliamentary Party, held a meeting with the leaders of the opposition camp in the Lok Sabha in the morning. The need for solidarity has been made against ignoring the demands of opposition parties on important issues, ignoring the parliamentary rules and traditions in the Lok Sabha with the strength of majority in the Lok Sabha.

SP and Trinamool not presented in meeting

There is also an agreement on the continuation of demand for clarification from Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the controversial speech of US President Donald Trap of the Arbitration on Kashmir issue. Leaders of SP and Trinamool Congress were not involved in this meeting.

SP and Trinamool meeting with opposition

Though Trinamool Congress and SP leaders joined the meeting of opposition parties in the Rajya Sabha Leaders in the meeting of Opposition Leaders led by Ghulam Nabi Azad believed that there could be far-reaching serious consequences after the law of bill passed with many flaws. That is why instead of hasty, the legislation should be passed by studying the legislation.

In view of this, Opposition parties have prepared a proposal to present the Right to Information bill in the House by signing a proposal to send it to the Select Committee.

Not only this, the opposition has given the list of seven bills, including the RTI, informally to the government that if efforts are made to pass these bills in the Rajya Sabha, then there will be protests with the ruckus.


Besides the RTI and the immediate three divorced bills, the strategy for the opposition to send the Pay Code Bill, Work Safety, Health and Code of Business Conduct, the Inter-State River Water Dispute Amendment Bill, the DNA Amendment Bill and the Illegal Activity Prohibition Bill, to the Select Committee.

Opposition parties have clearly told the strategists of the government that if they want, they should send the bill itself to the parliamentary committee to examine the legislative criterion. If the government does not do this, then the opposition will not be able to easily pass the bill. Keep in mind that the Joint Secretary JD (U) has also objected to the immediate three divorces issue.

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