Pakistan Open his Air Space after the Loss of Billion of Dollors


Pakistan Open his Air Space after the Loss of Billion of Dollors

Pakistan Open his Air Space after the Loss of Billion of Dollors: After India’s tough stance, US pressure and loss of $ 100 million (6.8 billion rupees), Pakistan finally came back to power. Nearly four and a half months after being Balacot air strikes, this neighboring country has opened its airspace for India. After this decision India has taken the breath of relief.

So the air area was closed

In Pulwama terror was attacked by Jaish-e-Muhammad. Forty soldiers of CRPF were killed in this attack. To avenge it, India had attacked the Balakot-based terrorist training center in Pakistan, after which Pakistan-India banned each other from flying aircraft in their airspace.

Financial injury

Already, this deal was a big deal for Pakistan’s unsteady economy. Due to the ban, nearly four hundred flights were affected daily, due to which the loss of Pakistan was about $ 100 million, or 6.8 billion rupees.

Pakistan passes four hundred passenger flights daily from the airspace, which earns him three hundred thousand dollars a day. Apart from this, there is a great demand for reaching Pakistan’s aviation sector south and south east Asia. Pakistan International Airlines suffered a loss of 4.5 million dollars per day due to the closure of Indian airspace in the form of flights for places like Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok.

US pressure

Due to mounting tension between the US and Iran, pressure on Pakistan was also increasing. The US Federal Aviation Administration has advised not to fly the planes over Tehran and its sea area. After the Pakistan airspace was restricted, Indian carriers were using this route to go to Central Asia and Europe. Therefore, the US has played a role in opening Pakistan airspace for India.

Loss to India

Civil Aviation Minister Hardeep Puri told the Parliament that India had to spend an extra expenditure of Rs 430 crore due to the root diversion. On July 3, Puri had told the Rajya Sabha that due to the closure of Pakistani airspace, the total loss to India was Rs 550 crore (Air India Rs 491 crore, SpiceJet Rs 30.73 crore, IndiGo Rs 25.1 crore and Rs 2.1 crore) Had to bear.

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