PM Modi said in his mind – I apologize for the trouble caused by the lockdown, this was the only way to save you


PM Modi said in his mind – I apologize for the trouble caused by the lockdown, this was the only way to save you: In view of the situation arising out of the Corona virus and the nationwide lockdown, Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the Mann Ki Baat program from 11 am on Sunday. In Mann Ki Baat, PM Modi first apologized for the troubles caused to the people due to the corona lockdown, but he also said that it was necessary to save the countrymen and that was the only way. PM Modi said that the fight against corona virus is a fight between life and death. This is the 63rd edition of PM Modi’s Mann Ki Baat. Learn what PM Modi said in the mind’s mind…

 PM Modi Mann Ki Baat Highlioghts on covid19 india corona lockdown:

– PM Modi said that today when I am seeing the sacrifice, penance, dedication of the doctors, I remember what Acharya Charak said. Acharya Charak has said very accurately for the doctors and today we are seeing that in the life of our doctors.

– PM Modi said that there are many warriors of this fight who are fighting the corona virus by staying outside the houses, not in the houses. Which are our front line solders. Especially our nurses are sisters, nurses are brothers, doctors are, mercury are medical staff. There are companions who have defeated Corona. Today we have to take inspiration from them.

-PM Modi said that I also know that no one wants to break the law, does not want to break the rules, but some people are doing it because they still do not understand the seriousness of the situation. Such people will say that if they break the rules of lockdown then it will be difficult to avoid corona virus. Many people around the world had a similar happiness. Today they are regretting it all.

– PM Modi said that some people feel that if they are following the lockdown then by doing this they are helping others like it. This confusion is not correct. This lockdown is for your own escape. You have to protect yourself, protect your family. Right now you have to show patience like this for many days to come, you have to follow Lakshman Rekha.

– Prime Minister Modi asked the countrymen to show courage and determination, an appeal to follow the ‘Laxman Rekha’ for many more days. PM Modi said that we have to understand that in the present situation, only social distance is to be maintained from each other and not emotional or human distance.

– PM Modi said that brothers, sisters, mothers and elderly Corona virus has imprisoned the world. It is challenging everyone with knowledge, science, poor, rich, weak, powerful. It is neither bound by the borders of the nation nor does it see any region nor any weather. This virus is sitting on the insistence of killing a human being, and therefore all people, all of mankind, have to unite together to resolve this virus.

– PM Modi further said that it has been said here, ‘And and disorder: Api Tarunha Sadhyate Sukhan’. That is, the disease and its nature should be dealt with in the beginning. Later the diseases become incurable then the treatment becomes difficult and today the whole of India is doing the same to every Indian.

– PM Modi said that many people will also be angry with me that how everyone is locked in the house. I understand your problems, I also understand your problems, but a country with a population of 130 crores like India had no way without taking these steps for the fight against Corona. The fight against Corona is a fight between life and death and we have to win in this battle and hence these were very necessary to take drastic steps. Nobody likes to take such steps but after seeing the situation of the world, it seems that this is the only way left. You have to keep your family safe.

-PM Modi said that first of all I apologize to all the countrymen and my soul says that you will definitely forgive me. Because some decisions have to be taken, due to which you have to face many difficulties, especially if I look at my poor siblings, then surely they would think that what a prime minister is like, put us in this trouble gave. I especially apologize to him.

-PM Modi’s mind started

Earlier, Prime Minister Modi tweeted on Twitter that he will broadcast Mann Ki Baat at 11 am today. The event can be heard live on All India Radio, DD News and the Narendra Modi app. Immediately after airing in Hindi, ‘Mann Ki Baat’ program on AIR will be broadcast in various regional languages.

PM Modi’s appeal in battle with Corona

In the war against the Corona virus, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has appealed to the countrymen to come forward to help the government and voluntarily contribute to the specially created fund PM Care Fund. On Saturday (March 28), PM Modi made this appeal through a tweet, saying, “People from across the country have expressed a desire to cooperate in the fight against Kovid-19. To honor this sentiment, ‘Prime Minister’s Civil Assistance and Emergency Relief Fund’ i.e. ‘PM Cares Fund’ has been formed. It will prove to be very effective in building a healthy India. ‘

Corona’s position in the country

The number of corona virus patients is increasing continuously in the country. Covid-19 cases in the country have exceeded one thousand. Out of a total of 1008 reported cases, 909 are still infected with infection. There have been 21 deaths due to infection in the country with a total of 909 active cases and 80 people have recovered completely, most of whom have been discharged from hospital.

Worldwide corona conditions

So far, around six and a half million people worldwide have been infected with the corona virus. At the same time, more than 29 thousand people have died from it. In addition, there are 1,39,545 people who have also recovered from the corona virus. The death toll due to the disease rose to over 10,000 in the country as 889 more people died on Saturday due to Corona virus infection in Italy. At the same time, due to Corona virus, 918 people in India have been affected by Corona so far. 19 people have died. At the same time, 194 people have been infected with the corona virus in the last 24 hours.

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