Mann Ki Baat: PM Narendra Modi Mann Ki Baat Live Updates Mann ki baat live coverage on coronavirus lockdown covid19


Mann Ki Baat: PM Narendra Modi Mann Ki Baat Live Updates Mann ki baat live coverage on coronavirus lockdown covid19

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today addressed the country through ‘Mann Ki Baat’ and asked to avoid over-confidence regarding Corona. In the radio program ‘Mann Ki Baat’ amidst Corona virus havoc, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that the people of the country are fighting the fight against the Corona virus in India. He said that whether it is business, office culture, education or medical field, everyone is adapting to the changes in the post-corona virus epidemic.

He said that the experience of the whole world has been teaching us a lot, so we should not be over-confident, because the accident happened when Corona was cautious. Please tell that this is the 64th edition of Mann Ki Baat. The ‘Mann Ki Baat’ program airs on the last Sunday of every month. Indeed, the lockdown in the country continues amid the havoc of the Corona virus. Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced a 21-day first phase lockdown on 24 March, which ended on 14 April. PM Modi then announced the second phase of the lockdown on 14 March, which will expire on 3 May.

PM Narendra Modi Mann Ki Baat Updates:

Accident occurred if accident occurred

In his mind, PM Modi said that all keep two yards and do not leave the house. He said that I would like to urge you not to get stuck in over-confidence, we should not take the idea that corona has not reached our city, in our village, in our street, in our office yet, so now Is not. See, never make such a mistake. The experience of the world is telling us a lot and in our time it is often said – ‘Caution has taken place, the accident has happened’.

Better to cover the mouth with a pot

PM Modi said that due to corona, masks are also becoming part of our lives in the changing circumstances. By the way, we have never used it to see many people around us in masks, but this is happening now. Yes this does not mean that all those who put on masks are sick. He further said that when I talk of masks, I miss the old thing. Earlier, people used to watch the purchase of a person and thought that someone would be ill at home.

But gradually this perception changed. Similarly, the perception about the mask is also going to change. You see, the mask will now become a symbol of civilized society. If you have to protect yourself from illness and save others too, then you have to put on a mask and my simple suggestion is, cover the mouth with a swell.

We helped with the world’s medicine

PM Modi said that we pledged to deliver medicines to every needy country in the world and showed this work of humanity. Today, when I talk on the phone with the heads of many countries, they definitely express their gratitude to the people of India. When those people say – thank you India, thank you people of India, pride for the country gets further enhanced.

PM Modi reminded the ordinance

People related to health services from across the country have expressed their satisfaction on the ordinance recently introduced. The ordinance provides for severe punishment against the Corona warriors against violence, harassment and injury to them in some form. This step was necessary to protect our doctors, nurses, mercury medical staff, community health workers and all those who are working day and night to make the country corona free.

Everyone is being helped in Corona

PM Modi said that under the ‘Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Package’, money is being directly transferred to the account of the poor. Old age pension has been issued. Facilities like three months free gas cylinder, ration are also being provided to the poor. In all these works, people from different departments of government, people from banking sector are working day and night like a team.

He further said that I will also praise the state governments of our country for playing a very active role in dealing with this epidemic. The responsibility that the local administration and state governments are playing has a huge role in the fight against Corona. His hard work is appreciated.

The country is working as a team

PM Modi said that what happens when the country works as a team, we are experiencing this. Today, be it the Central Government, be it the State Government, every one of their departments and institutions are working together at full speed for relief. There are people working in our aviation sector, railway employees, they are working hard day and night so that the countrymen have least problem.

A special campaign called Lif-Line Udaan is going on to deliver medicines to every part of the country. Our colleagues, in such a short time, have flown over three lakh kilometers of air within the country and transported more than 500 tons of medical supplies to you in every corner of the country. Similarly, we are constantly working in lockdown with the railways so that the common people do not fall short of essential commodities.

Everyone is fighting this battle according to his ability

PM Modi said that look at our farmer brothers and sisters, on the one hand they are working day and night in their fields amidst this epidemic and are also worrying that no one can sleep in this country. Everyone is fighting this battle according to his ability. If someone is waiving the rent, then someone is depositing their full pension or prize money in PM Cares. Some are donating all the vegetables of the farm, while some are giving free food to hundreds of poor people every day.

Somebody is making a mask, somewhere our laborers and siblings are dyeing and painting the school where they are staying in quarantine. To help others, this is a swirling emotion in any corner of your heart, is it not? He is giving strength to this fight of India against Corona.

A huge Mahayagya is going on in the country

PM Modi said that people have come forward to help each other across the country, in localities, in different places. From the food to the poor, the provision of ration or the lockdown is followed, the provision of hospitals, the manufacture of medical equipment within the country, today the whole country is moving along one direction – one direction.

He further said that tali, thali, diya, candle, all these things which gave rise to emotions. The spirit with which the countrymen decided to do something, has inspired everyone. Whether it is a city or a village, it looks like a huge Mahayagya is going on in the country, in which everyone is eager to contribute.

People are fighting the fight against Corona in India

In his mind, PM Modi said that the fight against Corona in India is truly a people drive. In India, the people are fighting the fight against Corona, you are fighting, governance and administration are fighting together with the people.

A large country like India, which is striving for development, is fighting a decisive battle with the poor. This is the only way to fight and win with Corona and we are fortunate that today the entire nation, every citizen of the country, is a soldier of this fight, leading the fight.

India’s fight will be discussed in future

PM Modi said that if you look anywhere, you will realize that the battle of India is a people drive. When the whole world is struggling with this epidemic crisis. When it will be discussed in future, the modalities of it will be discussed, I am sure that this people drive fight will be discussed by India.

On Saturday, PM Narendra Modi on his Twitter handle appealed to people to listen to today’s ‘Mann Ki Baat’ program. He tweeted, “A lot of suggestions have been received from the people for this time program, listen to Mann Ki Baat at 11 pm.”

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