Maharashtra election: Congress challenges PM Modi over PMC scam


Maharashtra election: Congress challenges PM Modi over PMC scam : Mumbai: Less than a week is left for Maharashtra to vote for assembly elections. In such a situation, veteran leaders of both Congress and BJP have entered the electoral battle of the state. The PMC bank scam is also becoming an issue in this election. Where the BJP is attacking the NCP. At the same time, Congress is blaming it on BJP. The Congress has directly challenged PM Modi about this.

The party told the PM that if they have courage, then announce the removal of the ban on withdrawal of funds on account holders of Punjab and Maharashtra Bank from the election public meeting in Maharashtra. Congress believes that PMC has lakhs of account holders in seven states of the country. For BJP leaders, this is neither the issue nor any assurance is being given from the platform. Party spokesperson Akhilesh Pratap Singh said, “If Modi ji has got the responsibility, then he is also responsible. You challenge the opposition and the Congress party, but now the Congress challenges that Modi ji, if you have courage, elections are going on in Maharashtra, nowadays you are on tour, your public meetings are taking place.

Announce that PMC bank account holders can withdraw money by operating their account as before. Accept the challenge and declare it within 24 hours. The party will be thankful if you show by doing this, otherwise stop challenging without issue. Akhilesh Pratap took a dig that there are elections in two states, all the statements of the BJP are coming from the brave leaders. But none of the statements are related to the general public of these states. There are double engine governments, but there is no statement on the achievements of governments. Maharashtra election: Congress challenges PM Modi over PMC scam

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