Rajasthan Political News: Sachin’s rebellious attitude, Gehlot government in danger, pilot in touch with top BJP leadership

Rajasthan Political News

Deputy Chief Minister Sachin Pilot’s stern rebellion has put the Congress government in Rajasthan in grave danger. Even after the Congress high command took up the issue of crisis resolution, Sachin Pilot made an open declaration to the Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot, claiming that more than 30 MLAs were with him. At the same time, Pilot also claimed to be in the minority of the Gehlot government, saying that the support of several independent MLAs. Sachin Pilot is in direct contact with the BJP amidst this internal infighting of the Congress and the possibilities of repeating Madhya Pradesh’s story in Rajasthan are intensifying.

Legislature party meeting will not be included

Giving a message of not being reluctant to take the step of overthrowing the Gehlot government, Sachin Pilot issued a statement also made it clear that he would not go to Jaipur to attend the Congress Legislature Party meeting on Monday. Pilot is currently in Delhi with some of his supporting MLAs. The pilot was quoted as saying in the Watts App Media Group. While present in Delhi, Pilot had given a message of the seriousness of his displeasure on Sunday by stopping the conversation with Congress leaders.

Party high command sent three leaders to Jaipur

The tweet of Sachin Pilot’s wife Sara Pilot is also showing a deep hint of his deep anger. Sara wrote in the tweet on Sunday with the pilot’s picture, “Big wizards get sweaty when we turn to Delhi.” However, in view of the dangers looming on the Congress government of the state due to the open battle of Ashok Gehlot and Sachin Pilot in Rajasthan, the party high command took over the command of crisis resolution, taking three senior leaders Randeep Surjewala Ajay Maken and general secretary in charge Avinash Pandey as observer. Have sent.

Party leadership also worries

Discussions of contacts between BJP leaders with Sachin Pilot amidst this situation created in the Congress by the internal upsurge have increased the concern of the party leadership. At the same time, in an attempt to show himself disinterested by the displeasure of the pilot, Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot announced to call a meeting of the Legislature Party on Sunday night and showed his strength in this battle. However, in view of the over-confident shock of Kamal Nath and Digvijay in Madhya Pradesh, the Congress leadership held Gehlot’s confidence till the meeting was deferred till 10.30 am on Monday. So that the three central observers of the central party can also join the opinion of legislators on this crisis.

The high command is trying to find a way to solve the crisis

Party sources said that the high command is engaged in this effort to find a way to resolve the crisis. The Congress leader also expressed the possibility of Pilot’s involvement in this meeting of the Legislative Party, which was rejected by Pilot. The need and seriousness to send observers to Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi came when Sachin Pilot reached Delhi with 19 MLAs and then stopped communicating with party leaders.

However, a day before this, Sachin himself, through senior leader Ahmed Patel, had informed Gehlot’s efforts to uproot his feet from the state’s politics till the Congress leadership. Pilot said that through the authorities, Gehlot has made such a mechanism that he is not allowed to do any work. Gehlot is also targeting them in the case of allegations of horse trading during the Rajya Sabha elections.

There was no talk of pilot with Sonia or Rahul Gandhi

Sending the SOG’s notice of inquiry is part of their siege. However, in the last two days of the pilot, there has been no direct talk with Sonia or Rahul Gandhi. It is even being claimed that the high command did not show interest in communicating directly with the pilot. In this battle of Gehlot-Pilot, the post of State Congress President is also a big issue.

Pilot has been the president for almost six years and Gehlot is advocating giving this position to another face. While sources say that the pilot has clearly said that Gehlot is in the hands of the government, he will not leave the command of the organization and for this, even if he has to leave the post of deputy CM. The pilot had also sent a message to the high command about his intention to cross the battle with Gehlot.

Pilot did not talk to Congress leaders

According to sources, in view of the possibility of delay in putting pressure on Gehlot, angry Pilot did not have any conversation with Congress leaders on Sunday and did not even receive his phone. Rajasthan General Secretary-in-charge Avinash Pandey himself confirmed this and said that he had not been able to talk to the pilot for two days. An attempt was made to contact him regarding the meeting of the legislature party. But this could not be done and the message has been left for them.

However, Pandey said on the issue of the SOG’s notice that not only the deputy CM and other people have come to notice to cooperate in the investigation, there is nothing to worry about it. Pandey accused the BJP of destabilizing the MLAs, claiming that the Congress government of Rajasthan is stable and there is no threat to it.

BJP fully ready for change in power

However, late evening, party high sources said that party leaders like Rahul Gandhi’s close-knit KC Venugopal, Randeep Surjewala and Ajay Maken have been making efforts to contact Sachin Pilot. However, after the statement quoted by the pilot of Gehlot government being in a minority, there is a clear indication that these efforts are not yet done. If this rebellious attitude of Sachin Pilot has not changed, then in Rajasthan, like Madhya Pradesh, the BJP is fully prepared for a change in power. Many senior Congress leaders are also accepting Pilot’s contact with BJP leaders in informal conversations.

In Rajasthan also the possibility of repeating the story of MP increased

A senior party leader clearly said that in view of the attitude of the pilot, the scope for his return to rebellion is gradually decreasing. By the way, party sources said that the high command also disagreed with Gehlot’s steps regarding the SOG notice case. That is why the high command decided to send leaders close to Rahul as observers to Jaipur to give a message of confidence to the pilot. Avinash Pandey may claim not to be a threat to the government, but the incident of 16 Congress and 3 Independent MLAs coming to a hotel in Manesar in support of Pilot is clear that Sachin Pilot is preparing for a battle in this battle of supremacy Huh.

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