New Delhi: The retirement age of government employees may change soon in India. The Narendra Modi government at the Center has started preparations for this. Retirement age can be determined in two ways. The first way is if the employee has completed 33 years of service or if the employee is 60 years old. SOON THE RETIREMENT AGE OF GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES WILL CHANGE! MODI GOVERNMENT STARTED PREPARATIONS


The central government argues that 33 years of service or 60 years of age, whichever comes first, according to it, retirement will benefit not only the government but also other workers. Retirement age change is also mentioned in the Seventh Pay Commission. DOPT sources in the case say that work has started on this proposal. If this retirement scheme is implemented, it will have some benefits, such as the problem of backlog will go away, new promotion opportunities will be created, then the way of new jobs will also be paved, employees who complain of not getting promotion on time. If she lived, she would also be able to get away.

Let us tell you that this decision of the central government will have the most impact on the security forces. This is because the military and other security forces are recruited on average around 22 years, so their 33 years of service will be completed in 55 years and they will be retired.

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  1. This will spoil the work culture as late joiners who joined late in govt job after sever attemptes will be still working where as merit candidates who joined service in first attempt retire early. Horrible decision it will be.

  2. This will benefit babus bc they come into service only after 26 to 30 after so many attempts and this decision has also been advised by them only as always.
    Andh baate reori mur mur apno ko de

  3. I wonder when!
    Retiring in a week otherwise !
    Hopefully, it’s going to be uniform for every State and profession-wise, too!

  4. though it is a good moov. This should be done on performance basis. There are more staff efficiently working till the age of 60.Early joining at the age of 22 is not a sin. Only by competing others only they entered the service.That should not be the criteria.

  5. If it is true than I can say modi govt is going to a good step for youth of our country as well as 33yrs of service is enough for a employer’s & 60 yrs is stand.Those who are opposing it than why they didn’t protested when Vajpayee govt increase the retirement age 60yrs from 58yrs.

  6. A good move because most of the people in government jobs tends to slow down with increase in age , but their salary increases. In other words performance deteriorates but salary increases. A entry level worker gets less than one third of an old employee but contributes more than aged person, Hence to improve the efficiency it is a must.

  7. Excellent decision by Modi government!!! As it will reduce unemployment and promotion avenues will increase drastically, further due to lateral entry efficiency in government system will increase many fold….

  8. After implementing 33/60 rule attitude of government employees will change positively as after completing 33 years service full financial benefit is given to employee….

  9. This is will not be good decision. The person who joined at age of 20 will be retired at 53. It will be like unemployement. My daughter is only 8 years old whatever we planned for her future will be deteriorated with this decision. I request our Honorable PM to take back this decision.

  10. Service is experience but age is factor of performance with experience. Govt should not loose experienced performers due to this rule. Unemployment not to be solved with loosing experienced performers. So screen first and put a rule for underperforming employees

  11. This is too bad for us if it happens. Everyday i see my husband in stress and not sleeping all the nights after working long hours in office in day. At night instead of telling bed time stories to my 8 years old daughter we tell her about what can happen in our near future. We want to avoid in front of her, but impossible to avoid. Its not our fault especially my husban’s who gave exam at age 20 for government and passed by his hard work abd now if the rule implies he will get a big bad reward at 53 after apending his whole life in government service. If something happens to my husband who will be responsible. I again request our Hon’ble PM to stop it here. It is not good for old and experienced employees.

  12. If genuinely government wants to bring this rule, it should be implemented for new employees who are going to join now on, not on the old employees who already planned there kids future till there service at age 60. Also if government wants to do something good, it should remove reservations in all sectors, whether its education or jobs or anything. Everybody should come forward on there capability basis. This will be genuine. So please again and again i request our Hon’ble PM to do something on reservation in all sectors first not that which he is planning to do for bright future of India.

  13. Govt. can not play a gambler with the lives of employees. There should be a uniform age of retirement so that one can plan properly for future of ones family and ones own. Either 33 years of service or 60 years of age – whichever is earlier – is a game like situation. Govt. has to look after the welfare of its employees not play games. This is wrong decision …

  14. This rule should be applicable for new joinee .what will be affect on those person who is in job and completed 33years of job experience but 6 -7 years are left for their’s retirement as he already joined at the age of 21 years.that person have certain planning for completing his job task that at this point he will do this thing. His/ her family will be affected ..some of them have unmarried children and might be education or home loan is in progress and his planning for completing all these tasks must be before his retirement..

    Is it right for doing this thing at this age

    If u want to provide job to younger generation then bring new job opportunities but those who are capable of performing his job even till the age of 60,then this factor must not be part of it.

  15. This will be an extremely wrong decision. Govt. will loose its well experienced employees at an early age and when they are most required. In many of the govt. departments, a great deal of experience and good decision making is required to handle some of the critical projects. Having less experienced people in the top-positions will negatively affect the growth and progress of the important projects.
    Govt. invests a good amount on its employees and loosing its human resource when it can be very useful is ultimately a big loss to the country. As such, govt. employs retired diplomats or beaurocrats in some of the key positions for their experience and understanding.
    A proper approach is needed to address the problem of unemployment. Just early retirement of the employees may not fetch good returns to the govt. in the long run.

  16. This is will not be good decision. The person who joined at age of 20 will be retired at 53. this is totally wrong decision for those who joined govt service in early age of 20 by their hard work.

  17. Ask the government to make this decision for politicians also! Make them retire by the age of 60 years or 33 years of service! If they want the youth to be employed, then why not in politics! Oh I get it. How else would the politicians would make money (crores of money) if they are also made to retire after 33 years of work/ 60 years age?

  18. I know our respected PM did a lot good things for our nation and elected again with big hands. But now this retirement age plan with service of 33 years will be very wrong, especially for early joiners. What they will do after retiring soon? Is it not unemployement? It will effect his/her family, health and all financial requirements. This horror already i am looking everyday in my home with my husband who will retire at 53 and with my daughter who is 8 years old only. Even i am suffering with stress everyday.. So i request again to our government not to impkement this new ruke to old employees, if it has to be implied should only be applied to new joiners. I hopemy voice can reach to our Hon’ble PM to take better decisions for emoyees and their families.

  19. Staff strength will less than 50% ,if 33/60 rule applied. So new recruitment should be done before implementation of 33/60 rule

  20. Meritorious early job getters to be punished and not so merited late joiners to be benefited ?

  21. If you want to implement it the right way, consider this option too

    1. In next 5-7 years from now, hire freshers and young people. Let them be mentored/work under the
    experienced. This way, the transition becomes smooth and also the experienced people dont feel the stress of unemployment now. It gives them to plan as well.

    2. After 5-7 years, based on the evaluation of the situation, take a call whether to forefully retire the experienced or not. If required, then assuming 5-7 years is descent amount of time to plan a future, go ahead and retire them. The newbies would have grown by then.

  22. its a completely ridiculous decision taken by the govt.if a person is employed earlier in his life its not his mistake and its only by his talent or hard work if the govt takes this as a criteria then please look into the politicians who are at the age of 70 to 80 are still looting the country with lakhs of rupees per month.make a rule that the politiciians are well educated to become ministers.keep a ceiling on their age more thing the govt is running because of these govt employees paying the income tax sincerely,if the employee retires when he is 53 the income tax of that person is completely stopped if there is no replacement for him.

  23. The decision is the most unfortunate, because a person entered the Govt service at 18 or 19 years of age should retire at 51/52 years, is it a penalty for his talent and brilliant performance to fetch the job at an early age. If the govt is so desperate to make these changes in the retirement age, it should be done for the future employments with 33/60 conditions. Some one must have taken home loan or education loan with planning to finish the loans at the age of 60 years as per the present norms, if the govt makes this decision overnight what would be the financial implication of such persons. His family has to suffer due to the wrong policy decision of the present Government. The officials would be more experienced at 50+ years and they can guide the youngsters with their vast experience and in-house knowledge of their respective department and relevant field works. If the Govt feels after 33 years one has poor efficiency in service, the same logic should hold good for politicians as well, where in the new talents and new ideas would equally come in policy making and nation building. As envisaged by the govt this decision would not curb the unemployment problem, instead it would create a huge financial implication for the Govt to settle the retirement dues of the retirees, as almost 30 to 40 percent of the Govt employees would retire once the decision comes in to force, which may collapse the entire economic condition of the nation. Contrary to this the Govt shall weed out the less performers by the way of Performance Appraisal Report and other vigilant methods, where by the talents and better performers would not be punished simply for the reason that they entered the Govt Service at an early age.

  24. Totally agreed with Karunakaran Nambi. It should be started with new joinees, if government wants to change the rule.

  25. If this rule is going to implemented on old employees it will not be a good decision. Where will those employees go for jobs at this stage with retiring at age 51,52 or 53. At worse it will effect his/her health and consequently will effect his/her family. So government should take this step considering all the issues. The wise decision is if it has to applied it should be applied from new joinees .

  26. The decision of the Govt is quite unfortunate. A person gaining Govt service at an early age of 18 or 19 years by his brilliant performance and talent should not be punished by retiring him at an early age of 51/52 years, where by the Govt would loose a better talented performer. If at all the Govt wants to implement this decision it should be done for the new entrants, and the 33/60 condition should be from here after in future. If some one have availed Home Loan or Education loan for their children such that the term of the loan ends by 60 years, the abrupt exit of such employee at an early age would completely jeoparadise his financial condition and his family would also suffer due to the wrong policy of this Govt. The early entrant by 50+ years would be confident enough with his vast in-house experience of the department and he would guide the younger employees. If such decision has to be implemented, the Govt can make alternate method of weeding out less performers by accessing their Annual Performance Appraisal Report and other Vigilant methods. Punishing the better performers only for the reason that they entered their service at an early age is ridiculous and the Govt would loose the experienced talents. If the same logic has to be applied, it should be applied to even politics where in 33/60 should be implemented to make way for youngsters, new talents and better performers for policy making and nation building. As envisaged, this decision of the Govt would not solve the unemployment problem; instead, the govt would have to shell out a very huge amount on Retirement benefits to the retirees as about 30 to 40 percent of the Govt employees would retire in the next two years, once this decision is implemented, which would make the economic condition of the nation to a utter worst condition.

  27. But its not decided yet. Many families will suffer a lot if it happens as i know it will effect a lot to my family, where accordingly my husband will retire at 53 and wei have a daughter who is only 8 years old. Her whole life depends on the decision. So it can be stopped if government considers all the issues very well. Its not good. We are in stress. Government is saying they will do because to bring new employees but what about my daughter who will not complete even her 10th grade when my husband retires? She also needs a bright future. She is also an Indian.

  28. It is a horrible decision by the government ,what about the people who have families where their are still studying or if there have a huge loan to pay it might come to a stage that they might even commit suicide

  29. The retirement after completion of 33 years of service proposed by our PM Sir is not right for those employees who have few years of leftover service and have already planned their life and expenses accordingly. The sudden implementation of this new rule of ending the service after 33 years is not fair and justified. At the fag end of our service we have plans to complete our commitments before retirement but due to new govt. Policy all our plans will shatter. Hence, it’s my humble request that before implementing PM Sir should look into it and see that the interest of the existing employees should be protected. This Ifpolicy can be implemented for new recruits or those who have many yrs of service left as they can plan their expenses accordingly. If the policy is implemented for all the employees, then the employees who are going to be effected may be suitably compensated for their loss.

  30. If the keen on playing this game.Then this rule should be applied to politicians too.So many of them working beyond 60.Why only the ordinary masses?

  31. First government raised retirement age from 58 to 60. But now its lowering it very critically. The government can again reconsider and fix the retirement age to 58 again. That also seems fair. But not 33/60 policy. Either 58 or 60 is acceptable.As the government says he wants to do for reducing unemployement, it will also help, either 58 or 60. Also government should remove the reservations in all sectors. Thats also not fair. Only handicaps should get reservations. One should come forward with his/her own capability.

  32. Government is only thinking about backlog, promotions, new vacancies, but what about those who already did a lot for government and didn’t get promotions early and will retire at 51, 52 or 53…Those employees who started early what is their fault who spent all their lives in these services. Government should be humble for current employees too. I request our Hon’ble PM sir to take it back and reconsider.

  33. अगर ऐसा होता है तो आपका प्रतिभाशाली होना आपके हित में अच्छा नहीं है।आप 20 साल की उम्र मे पहली प्रयास में नौकरी पाकर 53 मे retire हो जाएंगे। जबकी आपकी उम्र का आपसे कम प्रतिभाशाली कोई दुसरा व्यक्ति 27 साल की उम्र मे नौकरी पायेगा और 60 साल मे retire होगा, आपसे 7 साल बाद। इस पीरियड मे वो काफी ज्यादा सैलरी draw करेगा। हो सकता है पे revision भी उसे मिल जाये तब उसका pension भी आपसे काफी ज्यादा होगा। मतलब 25-26 साल तक रिलैक्स रहिये उसके बाद नौकरी में जाईये ।

  34. got is trying to fulfill tha deflation instead or increasing employeement..not a hood decision of govt… direct attack on got employees and their will more corruption in recruit ment on lateral entry. hopeless decision at the moment of liability stage….


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