Tejas Fighter Jet Live Updates: Rajnath Singh becomes the first Defense Minister to fly from Tejas, see VIDEO


Tejas Fighter Jet Live Updates: Rajnath becomes the first Defense Minister to fly from Tejas, see VIDEO:

Defense Minister Rajnath Singh took off from India’s indigenous fighter aircraft Tejas at HAL Airport in Bangalore. Rajnath remained on the plane for half an hour. During this time he was accompanied by its project director, Vice Air Marshal N. Tiwari. Rajnath Singh is the first Defense Minister to fly in this aircraft. This flight of Defense Minister is also important because this aircraft is being manufactured indigenously by HAL. Earlier on Friday, Tejas had proved his strength. A successful arrest landing of the naval version of this fighter aircraft was carried out.

This is the specialty of Tejas

If we consider the technical characteristics of Tejas, it is revealed that Tejas is a light combat aircraft. Its highest speed is 1.6 Mac. Tejas has a maximum thrust of 9163 kgf covering a range of 2000 km. It has modern features like glass cockpit, helmet mounted display, multi mode radar, composite structure and fly by wire digital system. The jet carries two R-73 air-to-air missiles, two 1000 lbs capacity bombs, a laser designation pod and two drop tanks.


Will be used in Air Force and Navy

Tejas will be used in both naval and air force armies. It has been built to replace the aging MiG-21 fighter in the Indian Air Force. This is being done under the LCA program. This program was started in the year 1980.

Will launch three navy projects

The Defense Minister will launch three projects for the Navy on 28 September. He will commission the second Scorpene class submarine INS Khanderi in the Navy in Mumbai. It is equipped with a variety of technologies including submarine stealth and air independent propulsion. It will not be easy for enemies to detect it. It is capable of attacking with torpedoes and tube launch anti-ship missiles. Its biggest feature will be that it will not be caught by any radar. In addition, the first warship of the P-17A series, INS Nilgiri, will be launched.

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