Priyanka Reddy death: Actress Keerthy Suresh emotional post on Priyanka Reddy death: Another kusum fell into the unruly antics of lust vampires. Some monsters in human form have gone out of the house for treatment and threatened a young doctor.

She carried her body to a distance of 27 km without any evidence and patrolled it. Priyanka Reddy’s murder case in Shadnagar Priyanka’s story, however, is left with only one Paula left in the strange drama of fate.

While Mahanati’s fame Suresh reacted to social media on the incident of Priyanka’s murder. The incident of Priyanka Reddy’s murder was deeply mixed. Day by day conditions are becoming more and more scary. I believe the city of Hyderabad is a safe place. But even in such a place, such a tragic incident. I do not even know what to say. I don’t even understand who to blame for this incident.

When is it time for women to roam free in this country? Every curfew that hurts girls should be punished as soon as possible. Priyanka expresses deep sympathy to the family. God is praying for the guilty to be found quickly. I have come to believe that karma is a telecommunication.

Meanwhile, the police have accelerated the investigation into the case. On the other hand, the minister tweeted about the incident.

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