COVID-19: Punjab government withdraws order to increase curfew by 30 April


COVID-19: Punjab government withdraws order to increase curfew by 30 April

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The Punjab government announced an increase in curfew till 30 April and after that the order was withdrawn. According to the information, the government had also issued a letter to the authorities to increase the curfew. First of all Punjab had implemented the curfew, the rest of the states had lockdown. After this, curfew was announced in Himachal Pradesh and Chandigarh. There is a Congress government in Punjab.

According to the Health Ministry data, so far 91 cases of corona virus have been reported in Punjab. Seven people have died and four have recovered after treatment.

PM Modi gave signs to increase lockdown

On the other hand, PM Modi indicated to increase the overall lockdown in the country. According to sources, PM Modi said that with the suggestions and the information reaching them, it seems that the lockdown should be increased. In fact, today PM Modi held a meeting with the leaders of opposition parties on the situation of Kovid-19 in the country. Sources said that in this meeting, leaders of opposition parties also said that the lockdown should be extended. Leaders of other parties including Congress, BJD, BSP, SP, TMC, YSR and JDU participated in this meeting.

Corona virus figures in India

The number of cases of Kovid-19 in the country has crossed five thousand. So far, 5194 cases have been reported in the country. At the same time 149 people have died. With this, 401 people have recovered after treatment. Maharashtra has the highest number of cases in the country. So far, 1018 positive cases of this virus have been reported. 64 people have died in the state. So far 576 positive cases of Corona have been reported in the capital Delhi and 690 in Tamil Nadu.

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