Curfew in Punjab extended two weeks after May 3 and CM Amrinder singh announced some relief also


Curfew in Punjab extended two weeks after May 3 and CM Amrinder singh announced some relief also

The Punjab government has extended curfew in the state by a week. The curfew in the state came to an end on 3 May. This announcement was made by Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh here today. Along with this, he also spoke of giving some relief during the curfew.

He said that shopkeepers will be able to open shops at 7 am to 11 am during the curfew. A curfew and lockdown will be decided after two weeks, looking at the situation. The corona crisis is expected to last until August-September, so it is necessary to take full precaution.

Captain Amarinder announced to the public, said – after two weeks, seeing the situation, will decide further

Captain Amarinder Singh said that while speaking to the people of the state on the social media, the curfew period in Punjab will be extended for two weeks. Capt Amarinder Singh said that even though the government has extended this period, it has also given some relief to the public.

Now people will be able to go out from 7 to 11 am in the state. All shops will remain open during this time. The Captain said that this long battle against Corona virus infection, which can continue till September.

Explain that in this regard, a meeting of the Punjab Cabinet will be held on April 30 under the chairmanship of Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh. The curfew was to be decided in this meeting, but Chief Minister Captain Amarinder announced the increase in curfew a day before going live on the social media today.

During this dialogue he informed about the steps being taken by the government to prevent the infection of Corona in the state. He appealed to the people for cooperation in the hour of crisis and appealed for adoption of rescue measures.

Speaking to the people, the Chief Minister said, “The days of lockdown and curfew implemented due to corona disease are complete today and during this time people remained closed in the houses due to restrictions.” It is not easy to leave your work for 38 days and stay closed at home and you made a big sacrifice by doing so. But, a little carelessness will make this sacrifice meaningless.

Giving information about the condition of other countries, he told about the horrors of Corona. Captain Amarinder said, today you see the situation in America. There were 50 thousand people lost their lives and about 10 lakh people are vulnerable to Corona. Other countries are also in bad shape. In Britain, Corona did not leave the Prime Minister there either.

He said that taking timely steps in India saved the situation from being catastrophic. We tried to prevent corona infection by taking steps like lockdown and curfew. By staying away from each other, you can avoid corona by creating physical distance. Therefore lockdown and curfew are necessary for this. The disease is not yet going to stop and the infection will continue until July or possibly August. Nothing can be said about this disease.

He said, “In view of the situation, we have decided to give some relief to the public. There will be relaxation in curfew and lockdown from 7 am to 11 am. During this time shops will open and people can buy goods during this four hours. After this, curfew and lockdown will be implemented.

Entrepreneurs will be able to open factories during the grace period

He said that it has been decided to extend the curfew or lockdown by two more weeks. After May 3, the curfew will continue for two more weeks. A decision will then be taken in view of the situation.

He said that the factories could be commissioned during the four hours of relief, but entrepreneurs should make arrangements for their workers to stay in or around the factories. This will benefit entrepreneurs and workers. Shopkeepers also go to open shops for four hours. After this I appeal to you to come back to your house by 11 o’clock. After this curfew and lockdown will be implemented.

People follow physical distance and stay two meters away from each other

He said that I want to say one more thing that there is no cure for this disease, we can avoid it only by creating physical distance. Therefore, if you go out, follow the physical distance and in any case keep a distance of two meters from each other. During this time, wear a mask.

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