Husband murdered wife along with boyfriend arrested tarantaran panjab:

  • Talking about sleeping pills at her husband, wife and boyfriend used to call on video call.
  • One day, absconding murder of husband, police arrested, boyfriend still absconding

A Kalyugi wife had murdered her own husband in association with her lover, whose murder has been solved by the police. The deceased’s wife Simar Kaur has been arrested, her boyfriend is still being told absconding. This sensational incident is from Pallasore, a village near Tarn Taran district of Punjab.

A few days ago, a Kalyugi wife had killed her own husband in association with her lover in Palasore, a village near Tarn Taran. After that the wife and her lover fled from there. In that case the police has now arrested the deceased’s wife.

Used to put the sleeping pills to sleep in the night

The younger daughter of the deceased told that a boy from the village used to make video calls with her mother daily. He used to come to his house too. She would put her father to sleep in the night by giving him sleeping pills and then later talked on the phone with her lover.

Husband killed by giving him sleeping pills

On the other hand, Thana Mukhi Gurcharan Singh said that on December 23-24, the village of Palasore, who lived in the village, was killed by sleeping pills with her husband. He had planned this in advance. Now we have arrested Simar Kaur, the wife of the deceased. Further action has been initiated by registering a case of murder on him. The police is looking to find his beloved Loverpreet.

Wife escaped with lover

About this, the deceased’s wife, Simar Kaur, told that she, along with her selfish love husband, first gave sleeping pills to her husband and after that she threw her throat and then died. After that he had escaped with his lover.

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