Punjab’s Batalabhishan blast rocked, 21 people killed and 26 injured, NDRF team reached


Punjab’s Batalabhishan blast rocked, 21 people killed and 26 injured, NDRF team reached: The city of Batala in Punjab was rocked by a massive explosion on Wednesday afternoon. There was a blast in a firecracker factory here. So far 21 people have died and 26 people are seriously injured.

The condition of seven of the injured is critical. Three people have been referred to the hospital in Amritsar due to a very critical condition. The blast caused the factory to completely collapse and the surrounding buildings were also damaged. Blasts were also carried out at the site during debris removal and relief work. This stirred up. The NDRF team has also reached the spot to help in the relief work.

Explosion in firecracker factory, explosion also during relief and rescue operations

The incident caused chaos in the entire area. There is a shout at the scene. The civil hospital is covered with dead bodies. The explosion has caused damage to buildings and houses located within an area of ​​150-200 meters of the site. The factory which has exploded also has a shopping mall nearby. It also has a school nearby.

The NDRF team arrived for relief and rescue operations.

During the removal of debris and the people buried in it, the accident also exploded at the site. This stirred up. The injured have been admitted to the civil hospital. Police and rescue teams are busy in relief work at the scene. The factory has become completely grounded.

On the other hand, Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh has expressed deep grief over the incident. He has tweeted that I am deeply saddened by the killing of people in the blast in Batala. This is a very sad incident and relief work is going on under the supervision of DC and SSP.

Among the killed were the factory owner and his son

Firefighters and rescue teams are engaged in relief work at the scene and are evacuating people trapped under the debris. Those killed include the factory owner and his son. Has died Officially 21 people have been confirmed dead in the accident so far. The shopping mall near the spot is the huge Mega Mart.

It is being told that five members of the factory owner’s family are also buried under the debris. It is said that the death of the factory owner and his son. Rescue and relief operations are on the spot. Senior officials including DC are present at the scene. Ambulances and teams of civil administration and police administration are engaged in relief work.

People taking the injured to the hospital

The explosion was so tremendous that the injured people jumped and fell several feet away. Eyewitnesses have revealed that the explosion occurred due to a cylinder burst. The whole area resonated with the blast and people came out of the houses in panic. There was shouting at the scene.

The factory is near Hans Lee Bridge in Batala. At the time of the blast, a large number of people were working in the factory. The work of evacuating people buried under the debris continued till late evening. 31 people have been evacuated from inside the debris. The NDRF team also joined the relief work late in the evening.

JCBs have also been installed to remove people buried under the debris. Ambulances also reached the spot on receiving the incident. The police has sealed the entire area. DC Vipul and SSP also reached as soon as they got the information of the incident and kept monitoring the relief and rescue work on the spot.

If the incident had happened a while ago, we would have learned more, the children’s school is near the site

If the incident had happened some time ago, a terrible scene could have taken place and the number of dead would have been more. The factory which has exploded also has a children’s school. Many children passed through the factory at the time of vacation.

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