Chambal River: Chambal boom, water level reached 115 meters


Chambal River: Chambal boom, water level reached 115 meters: The water level of the Chambal river is rising rapidly due to the dam water released from the Kota barrage. Late evening was recorded above 115 meters while the Yamuna water level is on the decline.

Shahzade Khan, the site in-charge stationed at the Central Water Commission Center Chambal River near village Udi, said that due to release of several cusecs of water from the Kota barrage, the water level of Chambal river is rising at a speed of one meter per hour. 115.25 meters has been recorded in the late evening with the water level starting to rise from Friday afternoon.

The water level is expected to rise sharply by Saturday. But right now there is no talk of danger in the area. The water level is far from the danger mark 128 meters. Apart from this, Abhishek Kumar, in-charge of the Yamuna River said that the incident has started since Friday morning after the water level of the Yamuna rises two days ago. 113.24 meters has been recorded late in the evening. There is no possibility of any danger or increase in water level.

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