Mob Lynching in Rajasthan: Four people were beaten up badly on the second day of Law

Mob Lynching in Rajasthan: Four people were beaten up badly on the second day of Law: The incident of mob lynching has come up in Baran district of the state on the second day of the passing of the Mob lynching bill in the Rajasthan Legislative Assembly. Uncontrollable mob in Baran’s Rayalvan fiercely beat up four suspected people of Madhya Pradesh as hostages. The mob completely damaged the suspects’ car. Later the police reached the spot and rescued them from the villagers and took them into custody.

Know what is the matter

According to the information, in Ramgarh town of Kishanganj police station area of ​​Baran district, the police had received information about repeated rounds of some people from a suspicious car. During the search, when the police tried to stop his car, they fled towards the village of Rayalavan. Police gave this information in the village of Relavan. While the villagers tried to stop them, the suspects did not stop the car and tried to pounce on the people. During this time, car riders hit a bike, a car and a jeep.

The crowd broke down on the suspects

Due to this, the villagers got angry and caught the car riders. A large crowd of villagers gathered there. The mob later held the suspects hostage in a room and broke down on them. The unruly mob beat up the suspects badly and shattered their car as well. On receipt of this information, the police reached the spot, rescued the suspects from the villagers and took them into their custody. Thankfully the police arrived on time, otherwise the crowd was so angry that a big incident could have happened there.

Suspect from Madhya Pradesh

Deputy Superintendent of Police Surendra Danodia said that the suspects were from Bhind district of Madhya Pradesh. Police are questioning the suspects in custody. Police have refused to divulge more details about the suspects.

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