Teen Talak: Three divorce bills passed from the Rajya Sabha, 99 in support and 84 votes in opposition


Teen Talak: Three divorce bills passed from the Rajya Sabha, 99 in support and 84 votes in opposition: After the Lok Sabha, three more Triple Talaq Bill has also passed from the Rajya Sabha. In the voting on Tuesday, 99 votes in favor of the bill and 84 votes in the opposition. Three divorces will now be considered a crime at a time. Earlier, four hours were decided to discuss the bill. Union Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad presented it on the Table of the House. On the bill, BJP issued Whip to its MPs.


After the walkout of JDU and AIADMK in the Rajya Sabha, the Modi government did not have much strength to pass the bill. In spite of opposition from the Opposition earlier this bill was easily passed in the Lok Sabha. Although the JDU did not vote in the Lok Sabha. It has got approval from the Lok Sabha on July 26 itself. This bill involves the provision of three years’ sentence and penalty for making three divorce unlawful.

Teen Talak Bill Pass

Presenting the three divorced bills, Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said that three divorced bills should not be seen with state glasses, it is a matter of humanity, justice and humanity. During the discussion on the bill, he said that without law, the police was not ready to hear the complaints of women suffering from suffering. The question that raised the question of justice for the daughters of the Muslim community, was raised in 1986 and is still up to date. The minister said that if Islamic countries are also trying to make changes for women then why should we not be a democratic country? Prasad said that 75% women of three divorces come from poor families and we should think about them specially.

Rajya Sabha

At the same time, in the Rajya Sabha, Leader of Opposition Ghulam Nabi Azad said that we are in the right of women empowerment and we wanted to pass bill along with some changes. He said that we wanted to send it to the Select Committee but the ruling party has rejected it. It has also been dismissed as a crime-making amendment.

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