Ram Mandir: Modi’s advice to ‘Bayan Bahaduras’ – Do not call a curse on Ram temple, keep faith on Supreme Court:

  • PM Modi’s statement on Ram temple
  • Advice to rhetorical leaders
  • Said to honor the Supreme Court

Amid hearing the Ramjanmabhoomi-Babri Masjid dispute in the Supreme Court, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has given a big statement on the Ram temple today. Addressing the rally in Nashik, Maharashtra, PM Modi has given advice to the leaders who are making statements on the Ram temple issue. The PM said that the matter of Ram temple is still in the Supreme Court, in such a situation, those who are giving speeches ‘Bayan Bahadur’ should keep silence and trust the court.

At the Nashik rally, Prime Minister Narendra Modi

At the Nashik rally, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that for the last 2-3 weeks some loud people have been making rhetorical statements and speaking on the Ram temple. Respect for the Supreme Court of India is very important for all the citizens of the country, when the matter is going on in the Supreme Court, then it is not known from where these statements have leaked, our Constitution – Supreme Court should be trusted.

At the rally, the Prime Minister said that from the land of Nashik, I plead with ‘big-hearted’ people all over the country, close the eyes for Prabhuram and have reverence for the justice system of India.


Significantly, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s statement came on the very next day of the Supreme Court’s comment, when the Supreme Court has asked to complete the hearing of the Ayodhya issue in a month.

October 18, 2019

The apex court had said during the hearing on Wednesday that it hoped that the hearing on this issue would be completed by October 18. Along with this, the Chief Justice had also said about the time of 1 month to write the judgment.

It was only after this remark of the Supreme Court that statements of many leaders were revealed in which a step towards the construction of Ram temple was told.

BJP leader and Union Minister Giriraj Singh had said on Wednesday that the decision of the Supreme Court will come in favor of Ram temple itself, the people have faith and the country has the same trust. With this, Giriraj had said that if Modi is there then it is possible.

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