‘Teacher used to take clothes off in his chamber, used to talk dirty’ innocent of 5th heard crying


‘Teacher used to take clothes off in his chamber, used to talk dirty’ innocent of 5th heard crying: A fifth-grade student of a private school in Patna, Bihar’s capital, has allegedly accused her teacher of sexual harassment. When the families came to know about this, they complained about the matter to the police. Parents of other school children are also upset by the incident. Concern is being raised about the safety of children. Police is investigating the complaint. However the school management continues to deny the incident. The school currently has a holiday. Police is questioning all sides in this regard.

The complaint used to threaten to be expelled from the school:

A private school teacher has been accused of physically and mentally abusing the student. The child is currently 11 years old and studies in fifth grade. On Friday, he reached the police station with his mother and lodged a complaint against the weeping teacher.

The victim’s child alleges that this incident is happening to him from the previous class. The student alleges that the teacher called him in his chamber and took off his clothes. Used to touch her private parts. She also threatened to be expelled from the school and name-cut if she told anyone. Because of this he was so scared that he was not telling anything to anyone. After much persuasion, the student gave the information to the mother.

Mother also accused of beating: Student’s mother alleges that she has also been beaten. The child becomes irritable due to constant beating and fear. He told the police that he had multiple bruises on his body. When he asked the student, he flatly refused to say anything.

He irritated and said that he would die with electric current. When he was taken to the hospital for treatment, it was found that his private parts were also found with bruises. According to him, the prescription of Patna Medical College and Hospital also mentions beating of his private parts.

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