TikTok Ban: ‘Bhishma Pitamah’ Mukesh Khanna told Chinese app TikTok to be useless, requested to be deleted


TikTok Ban: ‘Bhishma Pitamah’ Mukesh Khanna told Chinese app Tic-Talk to be useless, requested to be deleted

Mukesh Khanna, the ‘Bhishma Pitamah’ of Mahabharata, has called the Chinese app Tiktok useless. Besides, he also accused it of spreading obscenity. Mukesh Khanna also said that the youth is getting out of control using this app.

The popularity of Tiktok has increased in recent times. Youngsters are competing for making videos. Many celebrities like film actors, sportspersons also keep posting videos regularly. However, it has been more in the headlines for the wrong reasons. The video promoting Faisal Siddiqui’s acid attack served as fuel in the fire. In addition, the corona virus originated from China, it is believed that this has led to a #BanTikTok trend by netizens.

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टिक टोक टिक टोक घड़ी में सुनना सुहावना लगता है। लेकिन आज की युवा पीढ़ी का घर मोहल्ले सड़क चौराहे पर चंद पलों की फ़ेम पाने के लिए सुर बेसुर में टिक टोक करना बेहुदगी का पिटारा लगता है।कोरोना चायनीज़ वाइरस है ये सब जान चुके हैं।पर टिक टोक भी उसी बिरादरी का है ये भी जानना ज़रूरी है। टिक टोक फ़ालतू लोगों का काम है।और ये उन्हें और भी फ़ालतू बनाता चला जा रहा है।अश्लीलता, बेहुदगी, फूहड़ता घुसती चली जा रही है आज के युवाओं में इन बेक़ाबू बने विडीओज़ के माध्यम से। इसका बंद होना ज़रूरी है।ख़ुशी है मुझे कि इसे बाहर का रास्ता दिखाया जा रहा है।मैं इस मुहिम के साथ हूँ।

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Tiktok has now been criticized by film actor Mukesh Khanna. Mukesh termed it as ‘absurd’ and said that young people were taking to the streets to earn fame. He said that this Chinese app is for ‘useless’ people and is making people useless. Mukesh Khanna also said that it ‘spreads vulgarity’ and the youth are getting out of control. Comparing this to the Corona virus, Mukesh Khanna expressed happiness about uninstalling Tiktok and its ratings falling short on the Google Play Store.

In the video, Mukesh Khanna is heard saying, ‘There are many other things in life besides making a Tiktok video. Amid the bad news about COVID-19, there is a good news that another Chinese virus, which is TikTok, is going away from us. Its rating has fallen from 4.5 to 1.3.

He further says, ‘I am glad that all of you are boycotting this app on my suggestion. There can be no happier news than this. I would suggest that you make a list of Chinese products and avoid using them.

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