Unmarried Girls cannot use Mobile Phone: Gujarat Thakor Community BAN on Using of Mobile Phone in India

Unmarried Girls cannot use Mobile Phone: Gujarat Thakor Community BAN on Using of Mobile Phone in India: In the 21st century where women are walking on the shoulders with men in every field. Tuguli orders are issued to suppress women in the same society from time to time. A similar tudor order has come out in Banaskantha of Gujarat. In Dantiwada village of Banaskantha, the Thakore community has ordered the ban on unmarried girls using mobile phones. Thakor community held a meeting in the village on Sunday, in which the decision was taken.

What New Rule Say’s

According to the new rules of Thakor community, unmarried girls do not have to use mobile phones. It has also been said in Farman that if a girl breaks this rule she will be given a severe sentence. Besides the punishment, 1.50 lakh rupees (1.5 lakh) rupees will be recovered from the girl’s father.

What Panchayat Member Say’s

District Panchayat member of Thakor community, Jayantibhai Thakore said, “The decision was taken in the meeting on Sunday that the additional expenses incurred in weddings will be reduced. In the weddings, expenses incurred on DJs, firecrackers etc. will be stopped. We can save money from this. We have now thought of ban and punishment on the use of mobile phones. In ten days we will take a complete decision that unmarried girls will not be given a mobile phone. Apart from this, if a girl marries without the consent of her family, it will be considered a crime. ‘

What happen if Rule is Implemented in Gujarat

Explain, if these rules are implemented, then it will be considered as applicable to the villages of Dantivada of Banaskantha along with nearby villages like Kotja, Gaguda, Odva, Hariwada, Marpuria, Shergarh, Telpura, Randaul, Ratanpur, Dannari and Velavas.

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