CM Yogi Adityanath given instructions to make tight security arrangements on Muharram and Ganesh Chaturthi


CM Yogi Adityanath given instructions to make tight security arrangements on Muharram and Ganesh Chaturthi:

On the occasions of Muharram and Ganesh Chaturthi, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has given instructions to take strict measures to curb rumors along with tight security arrangements in the state. Yogi has also asked for strict action in the case of adulterated petrol and diesel being caught in Meerut.

Through video conferencing from the Chief Minister’s residence, Yogi asked the DM, SSP and SP to make security arrangements at every level. Anti-social elements should be closely monitored. Yogi said that special preparations should be made to stop the rumors and link festivals with cleanliness, safety and orderliness.

He said that there should be cleanliness around the places of worship and puja pandals and Muharram. Officers should ensure that there is no work against tradition. Also fix the height of the crown. People should keep Tajiya in their premises instead of road.

Yogi said that a meeting of Peace Committee should be held at every police station level in time. Seeing the increasing incidents of mob violence on suspicion of child theft, Yogi directed to keep a close watch on social media on festivals. Said to make patrolling more effective.

Officers should appeal to the people to play the DJ as per the directions of the Supreme Court. Arms and weapons should not be displayed at any festival. The Chief Minister also warned officers of every level to keep the CUG number always on. Said that the traffic system should also be streamlined.

Tighten the screws on illegal materials and licenses

Yogi said that DM should take strict action after taking cognizance of illegal realities and license complaints. Licenses of the arms shops which came to light, should be revoked.

DM should provide land for police station and fire station

Yogi said that in the districts where land for police station and fire station has not been available, DM should complete the work of getting land.

DM-SP Review

Yogi has taken seriously the case of 100% accused in the incidents related to girls in Pratapgarh, Bahraich, Balrampur, Amethi, Shamli and Bijnor. Said DM, SSP and SP to review it.

Tighten the screws on the box

Yogi gave strict instructions to stop cow smuggling and cattle smuggling. Said that no destitute bovine should live on the road or in the fields. Illegal slaughterhouses that are being operated again should be closed.

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