Varanasi: Ganga to break three-year record, only ten centimeters away from danger mark: Troubles of thousands of people have increased as the Ganges continues to rise. Ganga water reached new areas on Tuesday. The Ganga’s water level reached 71.16 meters at 11 o’clock on Tuesday night.

Danger mark 71.26

Which is only ten centimeters away from the danger mark 71.26. The Ganges also continues to increase at a speed of one centimeter per hour. In such a situation, it is believed that by Wednesday morning, the Ganges will also cross the danger mark. If this happens, Ganga will cross the danger mark after three years.

Earlier in 2016, the Ganga’s water level crossed the danger mark. If the water level of the Ganges crosses the danger mark, this will be the third time in the last ten years. Before 2016, in 2013, Ganga had crossed the danger mark and touched the level of 72.63 meters. In 1978, Ganga set a record by reaching the level of 73.90.

The Ganges

The Ganges continues to extend from Phaphamau, Allahabad to Ballia. The Ganga warning points at Phaphamau, Allahabad, Mirzapur while flowing above the danger mark in Ghazipur and Ballia. If the increase continues at the same pace, then in the next 24 hours, flood water will reach the villages between Ramnagar and the stop. The water will reach the boundary of Domari and the surrounding villages.

Due to the expansion of the Ganges, the sage sown in hundreds of bighas along the Ganges between the front ghat to Ramna has been submerged in water. Traffic has come to a standstill from the route leading to the eighties from Rameshwar Math. The exit from the houses in Maruti Nagar and Gayatri Nagar Colony on Ramana Marg from the front ghat has been closed.

The houses of Ramnivas Puri, Savita Dwivedi, Hariram Dwivedi, Deepak Singh, Sanjeev Singh, Shakti Singh of Maruti Nagar are completely surrounded by water. Flood waters have also reached new parts of settlements in areas such as Sidhwa Ghat, Nakhi Ghat, Konia, Pulkohna, Tinapulwa, Unchawa along Varuna. A large number of people have migrated from these areas to safer places.

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