Weather Update Live : Monsoon will be Speed Up Reach soon in These States

Weather Update Live : Monsoon will be Speed Up Reach soon in These States : On one hand, heavy rains of monsoon in Gujarat, Odisha and Gujarat have become a cause of disaster for people, on the other hand, in most parts of the country including North India, people are still awaiting relief drops. Due to monsoon, many people have died in Mumbai and Jharkhand. The rain has accelerated in Mumbai a short time ago. The Met office has forecast constant rainfall in many areas of Mumbai, Odisha, Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat till July 7. Along with this, the Meteorological Department has also announced relief for the states of North India and Delhi.

According to the Meteorological Department and SkyMate, the monsoon is moving towards North by getting over Dwarka, Ahmedabad, Bhopal, Jabalpur, Pendra, Sultanpur, Lakhimpuri Kheri, Mukteshwar. Now a low pressure area is also created in north and west areas of the Bay of Bengal, such as Northern Odisha. It is expected to be further dense in the next 48 hours.

Weather Update Live : Monsoon will be Speed Up Reach soon in These States

Expect Date to Come Monsoon in These States

With the low pressure area being intensified, active monsoon in the south-west can knock the remaining parts of central India, parts of western India, parts of eastern Rajasthan, and monsoon between one to three July. Apart from this, monsoon rains are expected from two to four July in some parts of South-West, Eastern Uttar Pradesh, Western Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh. According to the Meteorological Department, in the next few days the weather will take place in Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand and West Bengal due to the low pressure area being intensified from the North-West Bengal bay.

Strongest Rain in Odisha in this Week

After Cyclone Fani, there is rain in the rainy season of Odisha. In the last few days, there have been very good rains in the coastal areas of Odisha. This week, the low pressure area being created in the Bay of Bengal will be seen in Odisha. In the last 24 hours, good rainfall has been observed in Odisha. According to the Meteorological Department, there will be rain and thunder in the next 36 to 48 hours. The Meteorological Department estimates that in Odisha this season (till July 7) will be the highest rainfall for the season. Because of this, people may have to face water logging in many areas of Odisha.

Whole week Rains in MP

Most parts of Madhya Pradesh, especially in western districts of Bhopal, Indore, Guna and adjoining areas have received heavy rains in the last 24 hours. Rainfall is expected in the southern region of Madhya Pradesh on July 1 and July 2. On 3rd and 4th of July, there will be rains and sharpness in other parts including Western Madhya Pradesh. According to the Meteorological Department, till July 7 (full week), rain will continue in various areas of Madhya Pradesh. During this period, heavy rainfall is also estimated at many places.

Heavy rains and high tide warning in Maharashtra by Govt

The knock of monsoon in Maharashtra has given people relief from the heat, but the place has become a source of panic for the people. Due to the rains in Maharashtra, so far 25 people have died at different places. There was heavy rains in Maharashtra on Monday too. According to the Meteorological Department, on Tuesday, it is almost certain to have heavy rains in most parts of Maharashtra including Mumbai. The Meteorological Department has issued heavy tide warning on July 2 with heavy rains in coastal areas. Fishermen have been advised to stay away from the sea. Due to heavy rains in Maharashtra, 13 trains have been canceled, while the Route 2 has been changed. Filling of water on the railway track has increased the risk of the accident. Flights from Mumbai airport are also affected due to bad weather.

Heavy rains alert for four days in Jharkhand by JK Govt

The Meteorological Department has issued alert for continuous rains for the next four days in Jharkhand. Meanwhile, a warning of moderate to heavy rains has been issued in Ranchi and surrounding areas. According to the Meteorological Department, monsoon will remain active in the state from June 30 to July 3.

Monsoon Reach from July 3 to 7 Delhi-NCR

There is news of relief for those who are eagerly waiting for monsoon. Earlier, the monsoon was expected to reach NCR till July 7. Now the intensity of low pressure area in the Bay of Bengal is expected to increase the monsoon speed. So weather scientists have told that by July 3, Monsoon can knock Delhi-NCR. However, it may take up to seven days till the whole of Delhi-NCR and surrounding areas. According to the Meteorological Department, monsoon winds from the Bay of Bengal will come to Delhi by Uttar Pradesh. Therefore, after two July Delhi is expected to rain around. Due to monsoon in general, the torrential rain occurs after 15 years in Delhi. In the aftermath of July 20, Jhajjam rain in Delhi is going to happen.

Rain will be here for the next five days

Very few rains are expected in some areas of Odisha, Vidarbha and Chhattisgarh. Even in some areas of Konkan, Goa and Telangana, heavy to very heavy rainfall is estimated. Estimates of heavy rains in the coastal areas of Kerala, Mahe, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat region, eastern Rajasthan and Jharkhand. There is an estimated wind speed in the state of Bihar. In the eastern Uttar Pradesh, western Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana, Chandigarh and Delhi, it will have to withstand heavy winds. In the coastal areas, the speed of 40 to 50 kmph can be accompanied by heavy winds. Majhauras have been advised not to go to the areas of the Mid-Western and South-West Arabian Sea, the North, South and Central Bengal Bay areas.


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