What did ISRO ask that people began to talk about thair childhood stories?


What did ISRO ask that people began to talk about thair childhood stories: ISRO asked a question on Twitter that people became nostalgic. The question was that someone’s childhood is not complete without the stories of the moon. What is your childhood story? ISRO asked stories related to moon on Thursday evening. Also said that ISRO will feature features that are best for them. What was then, people made the flames of stories.

Stained on the moon

A user heard the story heard in her childhood, but she told that the moon was once a girl, but after burning irritation within her, she got a curse and her face was scratched.

Mama in childhood, Mahaboo in youth

People renewed memories of both their childhood and youth with the moon, a user wrote that Moon was the only planet that I felt as a child in childhood and grew up in Mahabub during the youth.

Thousands of stories in four hours

The demand for stories on Chanda Mama made people nostalagic. By late nights till late nine o’clock, about 1000 people recounted the story and replayed it. At the same time, many people also asked their questions. One user asked why the moon is at Lord Shiva’s head. This tweet of ISRO 9000 people just got it in just a few hours and was back to viral.


Users who responded to ISRO’s tweets were not only of Hindi language but of all the languages of the country. People also narrated the poems on the moon with all the tales. The most repetitive in this verse is Chanda Mama distant replay. At the same time, the children of the new generation were not behind, these children recently shared Chandrayaan sent to the moon as part of his childhood story and shared some such tweets.

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