All Female Space Walk: Know why women’s spacewalk is like a Important


All Female Space Walk: Know why women’s spacewalk is like a Important: NASA astronauts Christina and Jessica created history by taking a spacewalk outside the ISS last week. Their mission was to repair the International Space Station. This spacewalk is being called a milestone in the history of space because it is the first time that only women astronauts have done it. Also, this spacewalk has happened after many troubles and many unsuccessful attempts.

Shortage of spacesuit was a big issue

Lack of medium size spacesuits had become a major issue for women only after the women’s spacewalk was canceled. NASA was criticized all around, while NASA is considered sensitive to gender issues. The 2013 ISS staff comprised 50 percent of women. However, it is also true that many women lacked the right spacesuit for women at NASA.

What was the first time

The spacewalk, which took place on October 18 last, was earlier scheduled to be held on March 29 this year. According to NASA, Annie McClain was part of that campaign with Christina Koch. However, it was deferred at the time due to the lack of a suitable spacesuit in the ISS for McClain. McClain stated after his earlier spacewalk that the upper portion of the spacesuit should be medium size for him, while the ISS had a larger size. So that suit was then given to Nick Hughes.

Stephanie Scheerholz

Before the spacewalk, the spacesuit must fit into the astronaut’s body. NASA spokeswoman Stephanie Scheerholz explained that it takes 12 hours to safely prepare a spacesuit for a spacewalk and 45 minutes to wear it. On March 27, McClain tweeted that the decision to postpone the women’s spacewalk was based on his recommendation. Safety of the mission and crew is first. We should never accept such a risk. However, McClain later went to the second spacewalk.

Politicians were also outspoken

Politicians were also vocal in this matter only when the first spacewalk of women was canceled and spacesuit became the reason for it. Hillary Clinton tweeted, ‘Make other suits’, while British politician Emelia Womack tweeted, ‘How women miss when the world is built around men.’ Hugo Award-awarded writer Mary Robinette Koval tweeted ‘NASA used to have small, medium, large and extra large suits. Small and extra-large suits were removed for budget reasons. However, many of the male astronauts could not fit into the larger suit, the extra-large suit was brought back, but the smaller suit never arrived. ‘

NASA has recently developed a suite of new technology

Looking at the fitting of spacesuits, NASA has recently developed a suite of new technology. On October 15, the Extra Vascular Mobility Unit (XEMU) suite was showcased by NASA’s spacesuit engineer Christine Davis. Along with this, another suit ‘Orion Crew Survival’ was also displayed. The Ryan suit was meant to be worn during space travel, while the XEMU suit is a spacewalk outside the ISS and for a walk on the lunar surface. The specialty of these suits is that they fit all astronauts of all sizes. NASA will use these suits during its Artemis mission in 2024.

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