Little kangaroo scorched in forest fire

Australia Forest Fire: Little kangaroo scorched in forest fire, pleaded for help with people: There has always been a deep relationship between animals and humans. There have been many occasions when the two have been seen helping each other. But in the past, due to the feeling of cruelty towards animals within humans, this relationship has become like a rift. However, when trouble comes, the two are together. An example of this was seen during a fire in the forests of Australia.

Kangaroo was badly burned

A video of a kangaroo’s child is going viral on social media. This child was burnt in the fire in the forest. After escaping from the flames, he came to life but was injured. When the sight of this child who was suffering due to jealousy fell on a person, he approached him, pleading for help.

Started asking for water

The child approached the young man and started asking for water. He extended his hand and asked for help from the young man. After this, the young man watered him and bathed him with cold water. Its pictures are becoming increasingly viral on social media. Seeing these pictures in front of the pain, the heart of the people melted.

There is a huge fire

Let me tell you that a fierce fire in the forest of Australia is causing havoc. It is said that millions of animals have died so far in the grip of this fire. Heart-wrenching pictures have also surfaced. The administration is trying to control the fire but has not been successful so far.

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