Bhikhari: Google shows photos of Pakistan’s pm Imran Khan while searching Bhikhari


Bhikhari: Google shows photos of Pakistan’s pm Imran Khan while searching Bhikhari: If you search ‘Bhikhari’ on Google (Google Images) search engine, then pictures of Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan are showing on the search engine. In this picture seen in Google images, he is seen with a bowl in his hand. However, this picture is edited and in it, Imran Khan is shown begging with a bowl in his hand. Editing the picture, Imran is shown like a beggar sitting on the road. Actually, Pakistan is struggling with a severe financial crisis and Prime Minister Imran Khan is touring to take loans from many countries of the world to get out of it.

The picture is becoming viral on social media

People are making fun of Pakistan and Imran Khan by taking this picture on social media. Some time back PTV, a government TV channel in Pakistan, apologized for the ‘bagging’ controversy. Actually, during the live telecast of Imran Khan’s speech, ‘Begging’ was written on the screen instead of ‘Beijing’. This mistake remained for about 20 seconds, which was later removed. Imran Khan’s beggar picture is becoming very viral on social media at this time.

Why Google is showing Imran a Bhikari

Actually, Google search engine is designed in such a way that when a word is searched repeatedly by typing, the search engine includes that keyword in the category of popular. It is worth noting that the typed image of the trump at the top is typed by the BabySpital blog site after typing ‘Idiot’ in the Google image search. Donald Trump has been repeatedly called Idiot on this. Many articles have been written against Donald Trump on this blog site.

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