Black Friday: What is the History of Black Friday and Why Celebrate Black Friday?


Black Friday: What is the History of Black Friday and why Celebrate Black Friday: ‘Black Friday’ is celebrated on 29 November in countries around the world. In a way, it is a shopping week that begins on Thanksgiving Day. Black Friday is the largest shopping event in the US, where many retailers offer huge discounts on the prices of their goods. It is said that people start Christmas shopping from this day.

Actually, the last Thursday of November is celebrated as Thanksgiving Day in the US, on this day all friends and relatives meet each other and spend quality time with each other. The next day, on Black Friday, people start shopping for Christmas.

On this day most retailers like Amazon offer bumper offers on their products. Now this day is celebrated in most of the countries not only in USA, Canada. In India too, companies like Amazon offer good offers on Black Friday.

First, the term Black Friday was used, not by SAIL, but by linking it to economic crises. On 24 September 1869, it was called ‘Black Friday’ because the gold market of America crashed on this day. Actually this happened when two financiers, Jay Gold and Jim Fisk, together bought a lot of gold. But on Friday, 24 September 1869, the stock market came to a standstill, and many people were declared bankrupt.

More things are attached behind it. The term came into vogue even after an advertisement appeared in print in 1966 in the American Philatelist Magazine. Subsequently, after 1980, retailers across the US linked it to Post Thanksgiving sales.

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