Blast in Afghanistan: Two big blasts in Afghanistan, US Embassy targeted

Blast in Afghanistan: Two big blasts in Afghanistan, US Embassy targeted: Another blast is reported after a horrific suicide blast in Parwan city of Afghanistan. According to the information, the second blast occurred in the Macrorine 2 region of Kabul. During this time, there was a blast near Masood Square and the American Embassy. Earlier the first blast was targeted by President Ashraf Ghani’s election rally. The blast killed 8 people and injured more than 10. Among them, the number of women and children is more. Tolo News has given information about this. A close aide of Ghani said that the President was present when the blast took place, but it is safe.

Taliban rebel group claimed responsibility for suicide attacks

The Taliban rebel group claimed responsibility for the two explosions. Along with this, it was said that dozens of people died during the attack in Afghanistan on Tuesday. The suicide attacks targeted Afghan security forces, a group spokesman said. According to police and health officials, at least 30 people were killed and 45 others were injured in the blasts in the capital Kabul and Parwan in Central Province. Explain that earlier a spokesperson of the Ministry of Home Affairs Nasrat Rahimi had said that the Parvan blast was a suicide attack and the attacker was riding a motorcycle.

This is why Gani’s election rally was targeted

According to the information, the number of deaths and injured can increase further. The terrorists targeted Gani’s election rally so that more people could be injured. One reason for this is the election to be held on 28 September. Keep in mind that the terrorist organization Taliban does not want elections in the country. In such a situation, he has targeted Gani’s rally so that the election does not succeed. Elections have been postponed twice before.

Taliban said and Americans will die

Significantly, US President Donald Trump canceled US-Taliban peace talks after the death of an American soldier. After this, the Taliban threatened the US that the cancellation of the talks would kill more Americans. Since then, there have been frequent blasts in the country and the US Embassy is being targeted. Earlier, on the 18th anniversary of 9/11, the US Embassy in Afghanistan was attacked by rockets.

What did the Taliban say when the talks were canceled

The Islamic group issued a statement criticizing Trump for stalling the talks, stating that “it will hurt America more.” Its credibility will be affected, its anti-peace stance will be in front of the world, there will be loss of life and property. He said that Trump’s decision reflects his immaturity and low experience. At the same time, Afghanistan welcomed Trump’s decision. President Ghani appealed to the Taliban to cease violence and direct talks with the government. He said that peace can come to Afghanistan only after the Taliban cease violence.

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