Chabahar Railway Project: India did not get out of Chabahar railway project, Iran has clarified

Chabahar Railway Project: India did not get out of Chabahar railway project

Iran has denied reports of Chabahar-Zahedan railway project being taken out of India. In fact, in a report published in the Indian newspaper, it was claimed that New Delhi has been excluded from the Chabahar project. Farhad Montaser of the Port and Maritime Organization of Iran stated that ‘this claim is completely false’.

He said, Iran has signed only two agreements with India for investment in Chabahar. One is for the port’s machinery and equipment and the other is India’s $ 150 million investment. Overall he categorically stated that there are no restrictions on Iran-India cooperation in Chabahar.

Montajir told Aljazeera

Montajir told Aljazeera that the sanctions imposed by the US had no relation to Iran-India relations and cooperation in Chabahar. In the year 2018, the US agreed to exempt the Chabahar port project under the 2012 IFCA (Iran Freedom and Counter-Proliferation Act). Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani called the port project ‘important for building Iran’s economic future’. Ircon International, a public sector railway company in India, has asked for every service and funding for this project.

Recently, Iran indicated that Chinese companies could get a bigger participation in the Chabahar sector. Under an agreement between Iran and China, Chinese companies will invest $ 400 billion here in the next 25 years. The Government of India did not officially make any statement on Iran’s decision.

US ban is a hindrance for Chabahar Railway Project

The contract for this project was awarded to IRCON and RITES in the public sector but due to US restrictions it was impossible for them to work on it. This is the reason that US pressure is indicated in the signal from sources in the Government of Iran. Due to the US ban, India has stopped buying oil from Iran completely, till 2018-19, it was the second largest oil supplier in India.

Rail project between Chabahar Port to Jahedan

This rail project is between Chabahar Port to Jahedan. India’s preparations are to move it from Zahedan to the Boarder Saraikh of Turkmenistan. Tensions started in the relationship between the two countries since the time when India stopped buying oil from Iran under American pressure. A few days ago there was a report that Iran has responded to this by excluding India from the important rail project from Chabahar to Zahedan. Along with this, India’s problems were also mentioned, one of which was said to be a loss to India’s strategy of doing business through Afghanistan to Central Asian countries.

The road will be easy for India

Explain that the development of Chabahar Port on the southern coast of Iran will make it easier for India to reach CIS countries. There will also be savings in transportation expenses in reaching CIS countries. Once it is provided, India will not have to seek help from Pakistan. The CIS (Commonwealth and Independent States) countries include Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia and Uzbekistan.

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