China vs US: World divided into two parts regarding Hong Kong, Russia played friend to China in UNSC

China vs US: world divided into two parts regarding Hong Kong, Russia played friend to China in UNSC

China vs US: The echo of the disputed Hong Kong security law created by China was heard at the UN Security Council. The United States, which advocates for human rights worldwide, vehemently opposed this law and took on China. He was supported by many Western countries including Britain, Australia, Canada. At the same time, Russia played the duty of her friendship with China, she also supported China on this platform. Significantly, the Chinese Parliament on Thursday passed a resolution to implement a new national security law in Hong Kong. China is facing international opposition to this. Such concerns are being expressed that this law will violate human rights in Hong Kong.

America’s first diplomatic victory over Hong Kong

Despite all the opposition from China, the issue was raised in the 15-member Security Council. However, China was strongly opposed to the Hong Kong case being taken up by the Security Council. His argument was that Hong Kong is an internal matter of China. No country has the right to intervene on this, but in this case the dragon did not do. This was discussed informally through video conferencing by members of the Security Council.

However, this was not openly debated in the Security Council due to China’s opposition. However, the US has registered its first diplomatic victory by bringing the matter to the Security Council. There has been tremendous international pressure on China to abolish Hong Kong security law. However, the time will tell which side the camel will sit on, but the US has started to clamp down on China.

Russia played friend, America responded

Chinese and Russian diplomats made preparations to surround the US on the human rights issue during the council’s discussion. He criticized the US for the murder of an unarmed African-American man. He said that this is a violation of human rights. Russia’s Deputy UN Ambassador Dmitry Paulanski posted on Twitter following the Council’s discussion on whether the US has denied China’s right to peace and order in Hong Kong. The United Nations ambassador to China, Zhang Jun, said in a statement after the meeting that the US and Britain should focus their own business. He stressed that any strategy and plan to interfere with China’s internal affairs would be fruitless.

China’s new law will weaken ‘one country, two systems’ framework

In a joint statement, the US, Britain, Canada and Australia on Thursday expressed deep concern over China’s decision to implement the national security law in Hong Kong, saying the move would undermine the ‘one country, two systems’ framework. He further said that this law will intensify conflict with China’s international obligations. Along with this, there were concerns about human rights on Hong Kong.

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