Corona Vaccine: Preparation of corona vaccine trial in final stage in America, good news can be found soon

Corona Vaccine: Preparation of corona vaccine trial in final stage in America, good news can be found soon

A relief news is coming to the people amidst the outbreak of Corona epidemic. American drug maker Moderna is preparing for the last stage trial of the Corona virus vaccine. According to the company, this trial can be started on July 27. Moderna said that it would conduct trials of the vaccine at 87 locations in the US. 30 thousand people will be included for the test. People involved in the trial will be given a dose of 100 micrograms of the potential vaccine on the first day, followed by a second dose 29 days later. It is believed that after the third phase of the trial is successful, the company can make a big announcement.

Trial will be done in the most corona affected areas

The trial of this potential vaccine will be done in 30 other states of the country besides the capital, Washington DC. More than half of the locations selected for vaccine trials are located in Texas, California, Florida, Georgia, Arizona, and North and South Carolina, the most affected by the corona virus.

The US government has also funded Moderna half a million dollars to develop the vaccine. The company claimed to be successful in taking the first two phase trials of this vaccine. However, the data related to this has not been shared by the company.

Company shares increased three times

According to reports, the shares of Moderna Company have increased more than three times since February. Listed on the US stock market Nasdaq, the company’s stock is valued at $ 74.57 on Tuesday. It is being told that after the successful testing of the Corona Virus Vaccine, this growth is seen in the shares of American pharmaceutical companies.

Human trial of two vaccines started in India

In our country too, human trials of India Biotech and Zydus Cadila vaccine have started. Dr. Balram Bhargava said that it is our moral responsibility to fast-track the indigenous vaccine and make it available to the common people at the earliest. He assured that the preparation of indigenous vaccine will not be allowed to be delayed by even a day due to administrative reasons. In his July 2 letter, Dr. Bhargava, who talked about making the indigenous vaccine available to the general public by August 15, has not given any time limit for this. But he assured that the corona vaccine produced in the world will be available to people in India as well.

Any vaccine produced anywhere in the world will have to depend on India for production

He said that 60 percent of the world’s vaccine is made in India and that is why today ‘all the world’s vaccine makers are in touch with India’. He said that any vaccine produced anywhere in the world, he would have to depend on India for production. It is to be noted that Oxford University has also tied up with the Indian company Serum Institute for the production of its upcoming vaccine.

In 13 vaccine clinical trial phase worldwide

Let us know that at present there are more than 120 participants working on the corona virus vaccine. However, 13 of these vaccines have reached the clinical trial phase. The maximum of these is in China’s vaccine human trial. Let us know that 5 in China, 2 in UK, 3 in US, Russia in Australia and Germany 1-1 vaccine are in clinical trial phase.

Countries that are preparing Corona vaccine are making contact with India

Countries producing Corona vaccines and their companies are turning to India for its production. According to ICMR Director General Dr. Balram Bhargava, Corona, India, which supplies 60 percent of the total vaccine worldwide, has a central role in the vaccine supply chain. Along with this, giving information about the commencement of human trials of two indigenous vaccines, he said that their path will not be allowed to be delayed for even a day at the administrative level.

Indicating vaccine as the last option in preventing corona infection, Dr. Balaram Bhargava said that all the countries of the world are fast tracking the process of vaccine preparation and are getting success in it. He said that Russia has even completed the vaccine trial. Similarly, China, America, Britain and other countries are busy preparing vaccines as soon as possible.

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