External Affairs Ministry: Imran Khan’s open call to Jihad against India is not normal: In the UNGA raising the issue of Turkey and Malaysia’s Kashmir issue, Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Ravish Kumar has said that Turkey and Malaysia’s statements on Kashmir issue are biased. We call on the Turkish government to get a proper understanding of the situation on the ground before making any further statement on the Kashmir issue.

He said that this is a matter which is completely internal to India. Jammu and Kashmir, like all other princely states, signed the Access of Instrument. Jammu and Kashmir was merged with India. During this time, Pakistan illegally captured parts of Jammu and Kashmir. He said that the Malaysian government should take into account the friendly relations between the two countries and refrain from making such remarks.

On Pakistan’s PM Imran Khan marching people towards the LoC, Ravish Kumar said that Imran Khan also used provocative and irresponsible statements in UNGA. I think he does not know how to conduct international relations. The most serious thing is that he gave an open call for Jihad against India which is not normal.

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