FATF’s last warning to Pakistan, Imran to 2020 Ultimatum: Otherwise action will be taken


FATF’s last warning to Pakistan, Imran to 2020 ultimatum: Otherwise action will be taken: The Financial Action Task Force (FATF) has given a final warning to Pakistan. Warning to Pakistan, the FATF has said that Pakistan will have to complete its full action plan against terrorists by February 2020 or else major action will be taken against Pakistan. This includes urging FATF members to advise their financial institutions to pay special attention to trade relations / transactions with Pakistan.

Pakistan will remain in gray list

The Financial Action Task Force has unanimously decided that Pakistan will be retained in the gray list. The FATF has said that Pakistan was able to operate only on 5 out of 27 action points to curb terrorist funding. The FATF says that it has been agreed to retain Pakistan in the gray list based on the poor performance of the 27-point action plan.

Pakistan has not received any relief from the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) before. FATF has put Pakistan in its gray list by February 2020.

Let me tell you that on Tuesday, the FATF, the Paris-based terrorist watchdog, decided to keep Pakistan on its gray list by February 2020. This has been done to finance terrorists and use black money to Pakistan. Pakistan has been accused of providing financial assistance to terrorists. It promotes terrorism in its country and keeps patronizing them.

Pakistan newspaper Dawn reporte

Pakistan newspaper Dawn reported that the International Watchdog (FATF) meeting reviewed the measures taken by Pakistan to control money laundering and terror financing and said that Pakistan would have to take further measures on two parameters in these four months.

According to Pakistani media reports, the FATF linked its decision to Pakistan’s blacklisting with unsatisfactory steps to stop money laundering and terror financing. The FATF decision is to be formally announced this afternoon at 12:00 (local time) which is the last day of its ongoing session.

Pakistan was placed on the gray list by the watchdog (FATF) in June 2018. During this time, Pakistan was given 15 months under the 27 Point Action Plan, in which it had to take action against terrorism funding and black money. Failing that, he could be placed on the blacklist along with Iran and North Korea.

Explain that if Pakistan, which is going through the economic crisis, remains in the gray list, then it will be difficult for the Imran Khan government to get loans from many global institutions including the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank, which will be difficult for Pakistan Sinking will create more frightening conditions for the economy.

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