Father of India: Even before UNGA, Trump called PM Modi as father of India and gave direct signal to Imran


Father of India: Even before UNGA, Trump called PM Modi as father of India and gave direct signal to Imran: The meaning of calling American President Donald Trump Prime Minister Narendra Modi as Father of India PM Modi is very special in itself. His statement is not only able to bring forth the image of PM Modi in which he is seen walking with everyone. Apart from this, he also specializes in helping the countries of the world on their issues.

He has shown this by doing this not one or many times. Talking about the present, on the issue of Jammu and Kashmir, the manner in which Pakistan has done its trick all over the world, PM Modi’s diplomacy has completely dented on it. Initially, America seemed to be stuck somewhere in this move of Pakistan, but PM Modi’s diplomacy forced America to retreat. This is the reason that America has now pulled back its hands on Jammu and Kashmir. Now the United States is directly saying that India and Pakistan should resolve this issue jointly.

Not just statements

Calling PM Modi as the Father of India cannot be just a blank statement of President Trump. In fact, America has come to know very well that India cannot kneel before any country for its own interests. This was also felt by the US when President Trump himself made a false statement against India at the Paris Conference. In this conference on climate change, Trump even said that the United States gives the most funds for this, but India benefits from it. On this, a befitting reply was given by India without losing them.

India also showed mirror to America

This is not the only example when India has shown a mirror to America. On the issue of trade-wise, India responded to the US in a similar way. Initially, the US was furious about this, but later, considering India’s stand, the US did not think it right to refute the matter. However, even after this, trade-wise between the two countries has not ended, but, it has definitely happened that its noise is no longer the same. Apart from this, on the issue of H1B1 Visa Issue, India had also put forward its position strongly before the US-India Relation. All these issues are those on which India has got a lot of support from its people as well as other countries of the world.

The statement is also very special for Pakistan

His statement is also very special in terms of Pakistan. In fact, since the change in the constitutional position of Jammu and Kashmir, the Prime Minister of Pakistan has been spreading the lie around the world that people of Muslim community living in India are scared of Modi government. They are being oppressed. Trump’s statement has made it clear that the US has completely rejected the lies being spread by Imran. His saying that the Indian PM is adept at taking everyone along and that he has tied the entire country together as a family is enough to open Pakistan’s pole in itself.

Business issue is complicated

It should not be forgotten here that President Trump has been working on America First Policy ever since he took office. Under this, he has taken many tough and big decisions. However, the trade related issues between India and the US (Trade War Between US-India) is quite complex. There is interest, jobs and investment of companies on both sides. There is a demand from India for more access to the US market for its companies. Also the interests of American companies will be taken care of. However, President Trump’s image on the global stage is that of a blatant leader. Even the experts do not deny this, but the experts also do not deny that in the last few years, India’s image has steadily strengthened on the global stage.

India’s tough stance on deadlock from China

The Doklam issue, which was the reason for the dispute between India and China in June 2017, also testifies to the strong diplomacy of PM Modi. There is no denying that if anyone has prevented China’s Dadagiri in Asia, it is India. India also put a stop to the construction work being carried out by China in the Doklam area. This area is very special from a strategic point of view. This entire region is very important for India’s security. At the same time, the strength of China also cannot be underestimated. Despite this, India had strongly defeated China on the diplomatic and strategic front. During this dispute lasting about 78 days, there was a stir of forces on the borders of the two countries. During this time, the US also appealed to both sides to resolve the matter by negotiating to avoid war.

Bilateral issues with pakistan

In the same way, India has put its issues firmly before Pakistan. Talk of Kulbhushan Jadhav or the issue of Jammu and Kashmir or the issue of the release of Hamid Ansari from Pakistan, India has won all. Let me tell you that apart from bilateral issues, India under PM Modi has also resolved the internal issues which the previous governments were hesitant to move forward. Whether it is the issue of ending Article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir, or the issue of implementing GST under one tax system across the country, or the seal against the bill against triple talaq, PM Modi has won the public’s trust. .

PM tying the country in one thread

President Trump had addressed PM Modi as ‘Father of the Nation’ and said that he had been tying the country in one thread. This is also his biggest specialty. He has also believed that PM Modi can inflict a tremendous blow on terrorism from across the border, he specializes in it. He has also supported all the actions of India which have been taken against Pakistan so far. Let us also tell you here that PM Modi is currently in the US and in the last two days, the two leaders have met twice. He says that PM Modi has given a very clear and strong message to Islamabad on the issue of terrorism, it matters a lot on the global stage.

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