Global Hunger Index 2019: No improvement in hunger conditions, India on 102 Rank: Even behind Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka: The Global Hunger Index (GHI) released a report on 117 countries struggling with starvation on Tuesday. According to the report, the situation in India has not improved much since 2014. India is at number 102 in this list. While neighboring countries Pakistan (94th), Bangladesh (88th), Nepal (73rd) and Sri Lanka (66th) are better placed than India.

  • Pakistan ranks 94th, Bangladesh 88th, Nepal 73rd and Sri Lanka 66th in Global Hunger Index
  • This time India got 30.3 out of 100 in the report, which shows the serious situation of starvation.
  • In 2014 report, India was 55th out of 76 countries and 103 out of 119 countries last year.

Concern Worldwide in Ireland and Wealthungerhilfe of Germany researched hunger
In the GHI report released in 2014, India ranked 55th in the list of 76 countries and 100 out of 119 in 2017. Last year India was ranked 103 in the list of 119 countries.

It is a peer-reviewed annual report jointly published by Concern Worldwide in Ireland and Wealthungerhilfe in Germany. In this report Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Bulgaria are ranked first, second and third respectively. At the same time, Central African Republic is at 117th and Yemen 116th.

Global Hunger Index 2019 report was prepared on four scales 

  • Low nutrition
  • Children under five years of age who are underweight (child Westing)
  • Children under five years of age, whose height is less than age (child Stunting)
  • Infant mortality rate below five years

Both international institutions score from 0 to 100 to all countries after being assessed on all four scales through research. On this basis, starvation conditions are estimated in all countries. This time India got 30.3 points in the report, which shows the serious situation of starvation.

After this report, former Karnataka Chief Minister and Congress leader Siddaramaiah took a dig at the central government. He tweeted, “The Global Hunger Index report says that the hunger problem in India is very serious. Yet most people feel that ‘good days will come’. The question is, when will the good days come? Will this happen when people start dying? ”

Every third child in the world is malnourished: UNICEF

At the same time, the United Nations released a report based on children’s nutrition. It has been told that about one-third of the 70 million children under the age of 5 in the world are either malnourished or are suffering from obesity. According to a report called ‘State of the World’s Children’, there is a risk of children suffering from diseases for life.

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