If 6 earthquake scale earthquake, Delhi-NCR will be affected the most, Earthquake in Pak


If 6 earthquake scale earthquake, Delhi-NCR will be affected the most, Earthquake in Pak: The earthquake has once again shook the country world. Now the question has started to arise that what would happen if an earthquake of such a scale scale occurred in Delhi-NCR. You will be surprised to know that if an earthquake exceeding 6 Richter scale intensity, 80 percent of Delhi-NCR will be damaged and people living here will be killed. Actually most of the area of ​​Delhi-NCR is located on sandy land. Due to this, if there is such a Richter scale earthquake then it will be difficult to avoid destruction.

Earthquake in Pakistan

However, this earthquake was of 6.1 magnitude and its center was also hundreds of kilometers away from the capital Delhi. But if there is such an earthquake in Delhi, there may be havoc in the national capital. Delhi earthquake falls in the area. September 19 last year reminded me of a magnitude 7.1 earthquake that struck Mexico. Hundreds of people lost their lives in the Mexico earthquake. It may be known that this was the biggest earthquake in Mexico since 1985. Let us tell you that we are not comparing Mexico City with Delhi only because both are capitals of their respective countries. Rather, they are also making comparisons because both these cities are quite similar.

There are similarities in both cities

Both Delhi and Mexico City are among the largest cities in the world. While Mexico City is spread over an area of ​​1485 square kilometers, Delhi has an area of ​​1484 square kilometers.

Double the population in delhi

The area of ​​both Delhi and Mexico City is similar. At the same time, there is a difference of ground sky in the population of both. The population of Mexico City (in 2015) was just over 89 million. Whereas according to the 2011 census, the population of Delhi was more than one crore 67 lakhs which by 2016 came to around 1 crore 90 lakhs. That is, more than double people live in Delhi at the same place.

Delhi has more population density than London

Talking about population density, in Mexico where there are 6000 people per one square kilometer, in Delhi, 25,000 people live in the same area. When compared to London, one of the other big cities of the world, the area of ​​London is 1572 square km and as of 2016 the population was above 87 lakhs and the population density is also 5590 persons per sq km. From this perspective, Delhi has a very high population per sq km.

80 percent of Delhi’s people will be killed

Town planner Sudhir Vora, who lives in Delhi, said after the 2015 Nepal earthquake that a 6 Richter scale earthquake could devastate India by 70 percent. He further said that if an earthquake of this magnitude hits Delhi, 80 lakh of Delhi’s 1.25 billion population will be wiped out.

Why is Delhi more threatened

Delhi’s haphazard and development without any planning has made it like a living bomb. Different agencies of states and central government have conducted a study on risk. According to this study, the soil of different parts of Delhi is different. The (eastern) area of ​​the Yamuna crossing is situated on sandy ground and is not suitable for highrise buildings, but even then hundreds of such buildings have been built here. And many other government buildings have also been made so high. While the ridge area of ​​central Delhi is considered to be largely safe.

Cremation will become delhi

The Delhi government has uploaded a list of unauthorized colonies on its website http://delhi.gov.in. According to the website, there are about 895 unauthorized colonies in Delhi. Along with the names of these colonies, a map of them has also been given on the website. In these unauthorized colonies neither maps are passed nor people try to do so. Most construction is also haphazard and without pillar. Most of the buildings here are built on bricks. Experts believe that if an earthquake of 6 Richter scale occurred in Delhi, then no one will be able to stop the damage caused on a large scale here.

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