Imran Khan, who threatened atomic war, admitted that Pakistan could lose if India went to war: Pakistan has been troubled since Article 370 was removed from Jammu and Kashmir. Since then Pakistan has been continuously crying over Kashmir. He tried to raise the issues on the global stage, which he failed. This further aggravated the Pakistanis’ disillusionment and kept on provoking India of nuclear war. An interview by Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan about this has now fired Pakistan.

In an interview to international news agency Al Jazeera, Imran agreed that if there is a direct war with India, Pakistan may have to face it. Imran said this on the question of nuclear war given to India.

Imran’s double-faced attitude

Imran Khan said, “There is no illusion that Pakistan will never start a nuclear war.” I am anti war. I believe that war does not solve problems. War does not have good results. ‘ Imran’s statement exposed his double-faced attitude. Let us tell that he made a provocative statement in Muzaffarabad of Ghulam Kashmir (POK) two days ago. During this time, the youth of Pakistan were encouraged to infiltrate. Imran said during this time not to go to LoC yet, ‘I will tell when to go.’

If we are losing from India …

He also said in the meantime, ‘Let me clearly state that when two nuclear armed countries fight a conventional war, this war is very likely to end as a nuclear war. If there is war between Pakistan and India and during this time if we are losing, you will either surrender or fight till the last breath for your freedom. I know that Pakistan will fight till the last breath and when a nuclear armed person fights till the last breath, the consequences will be terrible. That is why we have approached the United Nations (UN) about this and are contacting every international forum. If there is a war between the two countries, its consequences for the Indian subcontinent will be quite bad.

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