Imran’s plane was not bad in America, Angry Saudi Prince called back his plane


Imran’s plane was not bad in America, Angry Saudi Prince called back his plane: Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has received a major blow from Saudi Arabia. A Pakistani magazine Friday Times claims that Imran Khan, who was returning from the US from Saudi Arabia, was evacuated after attending the United Nations General Assembly recently.

According to the magazine, Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman of Saudi Arabia was angry with Imran Khan’s diplomatic tactics at the United Nations. It was earlier reported that the aircraft had returned due to a technical glitch, but famous Pakistani journalist Najam Sethi claimed in one of his articles that the Prince of Saudi Arabia had evacuated his plane, angered by Imran’s speech.

Imran visited Saudi Arabia before his trip to America. There the Saudi Prince had provided his special aircraft to the Pakistani PM. Later, he got an opportunity to fly to New York via this aircraft. After the United Nations General Assembly, Imran was returning to Pakistan by this aircraft, but had to be taken back midway. On the other hand, the spokesman of the Government of Pakistan has rejected this report and termed it as fabricated.

Saudi Prince was angry with Imran Khan’s diplomacy

According to an article published in the Friday Times, the kind of diplomacy Emraan introduced did not appeal to Saudi Arabia. According to the magazine, the visit had some unwanted consequences. Saudi Prince Muhammad bin Salman was unhappy with some aspects of Imran’s diplomacy. Sethi claims that the Pakistani PM’s attempts to lead the Islamic group did not go down with Saudi Arabia. Imran Khan tried to take Turkey and Malaysia forward with him on Kashmir, which Saudi Arabia did not like. The Saudi Prince also objected to strengthening ties with Iran from Pakistan. The conflict between Saudi Arabia and Iran is increasing at this time.

The whole world didn’t notice

The magazine has said in its report that there are some people who want to remain a fan of Imran. He feels he was welcomed as a hero upon his return from New York. There was also a suggestion from their side that the aircraft from which Emraan is returning to Islamabad should be brought in the circle of F-17 Thunder planes to show respect to them.

These supporters feel that Imran spoke fluently on all the special issues like Kashmir, Islamophobia. He does not mind that when Imran was speaking in the General Assembly, the hall was half empty and Imran clearly believed that Pakistan trained al-Qaeda terrorists. It also makes no difference to them that the expectation of India-Pakistan dialogue has lessened than ever before and a regional issue has been made the issue of Islamic Pakistan and Hindu India.

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