India China Border Dispute: China is deploying a large number of troops and cannons at a distance of 30 km from Ladakh border

India China Border Dispute: China is deploying a large number of troops and cannons at a distance of 30 km from Ladakh border

India China Border Dispute: Efforts are underway through negotiations to resolve the India-China dispute in Ladakh. Meanwhile, the Chinese military is engaged in building military power along the Line of Actual Control (LAC). They are deploying a large number of cannons and infantry along the Line of Control, which can be deployed near Indian territory in a few hours.

There was no result of talks between the two sides in many rounds

India China Border Dispute: The Indian and Chinese sides are talking to each other at the battalion and brigade level at all places in the eastern Ladakh region, which have not yet yielded any results. It can also result. Sources say that the places where the Chinese were, have not retreated from any position. Indian and Chinese soldiers are facing constant confrontation at various places.

A large number of Class A vehicles can be seen at the rear positions of the Chinese Army in the eastern Ladakh region near the Line of Actual Control. These vehicles are deployed at a distance of 25-30 km from the Indian side of the Line of Actual Control (LAC) and can be brought forward along the border in a few hours.

China wants to complicate India in negotiations

India China Border Dispute: It seems that the Chinese side wants to strangle India through negotiations and is using it to strengthen its side on the Line of Actual Control (LAC). On the other hand, negotiations at the level of commanding officer and brigade commander are taking place on an almost daily basis, but are not showing any results. Now the chief general officers of the two sides will meet soon to discuss ways to end tensions in the region. The Chinese side is demanding a ban on the development of infrastructure by India along the Line of Control.

There have been several skirmishes between the armies of the two sides, as the Chinese military is trying to infiltrate at a deep level. Sources say that these are in addition to the face-to-face fighting that took place during the initial phase as there was a major face-to-face skirmish in the Finger area in the third week of May. Many such incidents have occurred at disputed sites in the region in Ladakh.

Sources say that India will have a favorable environment in response to Chinese military construction along the Line of Control. In the initial phase of the dispute, the Chinese army was successful with the LAC moving more quickly with some five thousand soldiers at some places in Indian territory. The incident surprised the Indian Army.

India has sent additional troops from the regular division near the Union Territory of Ladakh and trained for combat at high altitudes. The general deployment of the army, which was affected to some extent by the Corona epidemic in the region, is now also taking place in Ladakh, where a large number of troops have been dispatched by plane and road.

Sources said that no agreement will be reached regarding the defense of India’s borders, while India believes in peace, it is determined and determined to protect its territory. This is reflected in the spirit of agreements between India and China four or more times, which have historically constituted mechanisms for border management.

India China Border Dispute: The mechanism is still in place and working at the bilateral level. Two of them are from 1993 and 1996. This includes confidence building measures in 2005 (Confidence Building Major) and a boundary agreement in 2013.

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