India China Border Dispute: Chinese fighter jets fly 30-35 km from eastern Ladakh, Pakistani jet also active

India China Border Dispute: Chinese fighter jets fly 30-35 km from eastern Ladakh, Pakistani jet also active

India China Border Dispute: Tension remains on the Line of Actual Control (LAC) between India and China over Ladakh. Fighter aircraft of the Chinese Army People’s Liberation Army (PLA) are flying 30-35 km from East Ladakh near LAC. India is also closely monitoring every activity of China. Chinese combat aircraft are stationed about 100-150 km from Hotan and Gargusa targets.

Chinese fighter plane

Sources said that they are more than 10 km away from Indian territories as per international norms. India took off from its Sukhoi-30 MKI in the first week of May. Hotan base has been under the supervision of Indian agencies for some time as the Pakistani Air Force is also conducting aerial exercises with the PLA Air Force there.

J-11 and J-7 keep an eye on movement

Sources said that China currently has a fleet of about 10-12 combat aircraft stationed there and they are also flying close to Indian territory. India is closely monitoring the movement of these fighter aircraft J-11 and J-7. These fighter aircraft are flying from air bases in Hotan and Gargansa and are 30–35 kilometers from our region in the Ladakh region.

India is keeping an eye on the situation

Sources said that last year too, India closely monitored the movement of six Pakistani JF-17s. These Pakistan-occupied slaves flew from Skardu airfield in front of the western part of Ladakh in Kashmir to Hotan, where they participated in a practice called Shamin-8. India, too, is steadfast in its full deployment in Ladakh and is closely monitoring China’s actions with intelligence agencies.

China falsely claims

There is a dispute between India and China over the 3,488 km LAC. China claims Arunachal Pradesh and calls it part of southern Tibet. Whereas Arunachal Pradesh has always been an integral part of India. Both sides have said that it is necessary to maintain peace and stability in the border areas till the final resolution of the border dispute. It is known that India has also launched its helicopters in the valley.

China said, circumstances under control

China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said that the situation on the border with India is ‘completely stable and controllable’. Both countries have been interacting and consulting in an unimpeded way to resolve this issue. In response to a statement by China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman on Monday that Defense Minister Rajnath Singh did not let his honor of India get hurt, the two neighboring countries are doing their best to resolve the dispute.

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