Indonesia shaken by earthquake, 2 tremors felt in one hour


Indonesia shaken by earthquake, 2 tremors felt in one hour: Indonesia has experienced 2 earthquake tremors in the past hour. The Richter scale earthquake was 6.1. However, there is no report of any casualty in this earthquake at the moment. The epicenter of the earthquake was 106 km from Liveui at a depth of 10 km above the ground surface.
As per the news, once again the tremors of the earthquake were felt at 4:15 pm local time in the country. This time the earthquake struck at a magnitude of 6.1. These tremors have been felt 2 times in the last one hour. But it is a matter of relief that no casualties are reported at the moment.

However, Indonesia’s meteorological, climatological and geophysical agency BMKG has ruled out the tsunami due to the impact of the Java earthquake. Significantly, on September 14, there was an earthquake in Indonesia, when strong tremors were felt in many parts of the country. Its intensity on the Richter scale was 5.9.

Similarly, there was an earthquake on 2 August last month. At least 4 people lost their lives and 200 houses were damaged. The earthquake occurred in Banten province near the island of Java.

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