International Tea Day

International Tea Day: Now we Celebrate International Tea Day on 31 May, Know we Celebrate International Tea Day: Today i.e. on 15 December, International Tea Day 2019 is being celebrated by tea producing countries around the world. However, on the recommendation of India, the United Nations (UN) has declared 21 May as International Tea Day.

The proposal was made by India at the International Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) Intergovernmental Group meeting held in Milan 4 years ago. The United Nations General Assembly has also recognized the tea’s medicinal properties as well as cultural importance. International Tea Day started in New Delhi on 15 December 2005 but a year later it was celebrated in Sri Lanka and spread from there to the world.

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To make people aware of the contribution of tea in the rural economy, this proposal of India was approved by the United Nations. According to the U.N., declaring May 21 as International Tea Day will help boost its production and consumption, which will prove helpful in fighting hunger and poverty in rural areas.

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Not only this, the United Nations has appealed to all member countries, international and regional organizations to celebrate International Tea Day on 21 May every year. As far as celebrating International Tea Day on December 15 is concerned, India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Tanzania and many other countries are celebrating it. However, the month of May was chosen by the UN as it is considered the best month for tea production.

According to the report released by FAO in the year 2018, world black tea production is projected to increase to 44 lakh tonnes by 2027 from 33.3 lakh tonnes in 2017. At the same time, the production of ‘Green Tea’ is estimated to be 3.6 million tonnes, which was 17.7 million tonnes in the year 2017.

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India’s second largest producer of black tea production in India is estimated to be 16.1 lakh tonnes by 2027 as compared to 12.6 lakh tonnes in 2017. At the same time, production of ‘Green Tea’ in China, the world’s largest producer, is estimated to be 33.1 lakh tonnes by 2027 as compared to 1.5.2 lakh tonnes in 2017.

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