Know Why International Disaster Reduction Day Is Celebrated


Know Why International Disaster Reduction Day Is Celebrated : People from all over the world celebrate International Disaster Reduction Day on 13 October 2018. This day encourages citizens and government to build a society without disaster. Its main objective is to reduce disaster risk and create a safe community. The theme of International Disaster Reduction Day of 2018 is ‘Reducing Disaster Economic Loss’.

According to the United Nations data released recently, the number of women and children who lost their lives in disasters worldwide is 14 percent more than men. Although 60 percent of women die in preventable conditions, the figure is 53 percent among children younger than five years. Other affected people or groups include persons living with disabilities. Reducing the risk of hazards, proper management of land and environmental resources, improving community-specific preparedness to deal with disasters and for all such catastrophic events Issuing early warning is the focus of disaster risk reduction purposes.

  •  International Disaster Reduction Day is celebrated to develop awareness of risk reduction of disasters.
  •  International Disaster Reduction Day is observed every year on 13 October.
  •  The purpose of celebrating this day is to increase awareness about risk management in the world and reduce the loss from disasters.
  •  This day encourages every citizen and government to participate in building communities and nations with greater potential to overcome disaster.
  •  In 1989, the United Nations had announced the second Wednesday of October of each year as this day, but later on 21 December 2009, the United Nations celebrated 13 October each year as this day. declare. Know Why International Disaster Reduction Day Is Celebrated

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