LIC customers often make these mistakes, if not taken care of, there will be trouble

New Delhi: If you also have a LIC policy, then you must definitely read this news. LIC has crores of customers across the country. (LIC) has crores of policy holders across the country. Generally people choose LIC for safe investment. But, in the name of policy, many types of frauds also come up from time to time. Therefore advisory is issued by LIC like banks and tips are given to stay away from fraud.LIC customers often make these mistakes, if not taken care of, there will be trouble

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You should always take care of the advisory issued by LIC. Also, while taking the policy, the customers must take care of some things. Read further such general things that you should always take care of. Often people make such mistakes, which they later realize. Read further some similar mistakes …

LIC holders should keep these things in mind

  •  Whatever check you give for filling the policy premium should be in favor of Life Insurance Corporation of India only. If someone asks to give the check by any other name, then he can clearly refuse. Also, inform LIC immediately.
  •  Always check the status of your policy on the website of Keep updating the new policy to update the policy.
  •  Do not sign unedited documents on behalf of the agent. Do not rush in any way. If you need time to read the terms and conditions or any document, then speak directly. By doing this, you can avoid problems arising in future.
  •  Never give original documents of the policy to anyone. LIC does not authorize any person to collect original papers of the policy from any policy holder.
  •  Beware of offers coming on the phone. It is not necessary that if someone calls and declares himself to be an agent of LIC, then he is actually an LIC agent. Before taking any kind of policy and paying it, make sure that it is an LIC agent.
  •  Policy holder is never contacted by phone from LIC for bonus or outstanding installment. Such calls can be spam calls.
  •  Pay LIC through NEFT, it is a secure way of payment and there is no scope of any type of fraud in it.

LIC, under its Anti Fraud Policy, has appealed to all the policy holders and other people associated with LIC to inform them if they get information about any kind of fraud.

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