Maldives’s former vice-president, Arif was arriving in India illegally, Arrested: Maldives’s former Vice-President Ahmed Adeeb has been arrested by Indian agencies for illegally entering India. This incident happened in Tuticorin. Former Vice-President Ahmed Adeeb was arrested from Tuticorin port when he was trying to enter India. Former Maldivian Vice President Ahmed Adeeb had reached the Indian shores illegally.

Adib has been detained by the IB officials and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has been informed about this. Meanwhile, on the arrest of Adib, Foreign Ministry spokesman Ravi Kumar said that we are trying to ascertain the authenticity of the report. We will contact his government and find out if these reports are true?

Virgo 9

Adib reached Thoothukudi with a vessel named “Virgo 9”. There were 10 people in it. Adib was arrested under various charges of corruption and was sentenced to jail in Maldives. Agencies did not say that Adib has been kept now.

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