Maulana announced, the whole Pakistan will come to a standstill, fear Imran government took this decision: The two-day ultimatum of Prime Minister Imran Khan’s resignation by Ulama-e-Islam chief Maulana Fazlur Rahman, who arrived in Islamabad from Karachi with thousands of his supporters, came to an end on Sunday night. Maulana announced yesterday that after the closure of Islamabad, he will now be imprisoned all over the country. He also said that he and his supporters will continue to struggle till the objective of the independence march is achieved.

On the other hand, Pakistani PM Imran Khan, who has been scared by the opposition parties’ independence march, is now being battered. This is the reason that his government is now preparing to file a case against Maulana Fazlur Rahman, the ulama-e-Islam chief who is leading the march. According to the report of the news agency IANS, the government of Imran will file a case against them on charges of rebellion.

According to the report of Pakistani newspaper Dawn, Defense Minister Pervez Khattak said on Saturday that the government has decided to file a rebellion case against Maulana Fazlur, the head of the Ulama-e-Islam organization. He has done the work of inciting people against Prime Minister Imran Khan and government institutions. Maulana will be sued on the same charges.

Fazlur, who arrived with his thousands of supporters from Karachi on the Independence March, is sitting on a dharna in the capital Islamabad demanding the resignation of PM Imran. His movement has been supported by all major opposition parties including Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) and Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP). Maulana, who is leading the anti-government independence march, gave a two-day ultimatum to Imran to resign at the rally on Friday.

Ulama-e-Islam organization

Maulana, the head of the Ulama-e-Islam organization, also said that the public can enter the Prime Minister’s residence and arrest him. May force them to resign. On this statement, the Defense Minister said, “Such a proclamation is an act to incite people and revolt. The government is not afraid of the independence march, but the speeches of the opposition leaders to tarnish the image of government institutions are unfortunate. ‘

Maulana Fazlur has indicated that a tough decision may be taken in the next two days to maintain pressure against the Imran government. He told his supporters Saturday night at the protest site, “Our history is full of movements. We have to take a decision in a day or two. ”The independence march, which started from Karachi on October 27, under the leadership of Fazlur, reached Islamabad in the early hours of Friday. Since then, his supporters and activists of opposition parties have camped in Peshawar Mor area of ​​Islamabad.

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