'Modi Has Played His Last Bet', Know Why Imran Khan Said This

‘Modi Has Played His Last Bet’, Know Why Imran Khan Said This : Islamabad: Pakistan has suffered the biggest blow after the removal of Section 370 from Jammu and Kashmir. Because a big electoral issue has been taken away from them. Furious Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan said on Friday that Indian PM Narendra Modi has played ‘his last bet’ by ending the special status given to Kashmir. According to the report published in Pakistani media, a human chain was created in Islamabad on Friday to show ‘solidarity towards Kashmiris’. Imran also participated in this program.

Imran Khan, as before, raised the issue of alleged human rights violations in Kashmir, blaming India unabashedly and said that ‘India has imprisoned eight million people for two months’. Imran addressed the audience at the event, saying, “Modi has made a mistake. He has played his last wager. Modi feels that the Kashmiri people will accept the repeal of Article 370. But they don’t It is known that what the people of Kashmir have endured over the last several decades have removed the fear of death from their hearts. ”

There is no curfew in Kashmir, yet Imran encouraged the Kashmiris to say, “Once the curfew is lifted, thousands of Kashmiris will take to the streets to protest against this decision.” Imran Khan said that people have gathered here today so that they can tell the Kashmiris that Pakistan is standing with them. A day will come when the movement of Kashmiris will become a sea. ‘Modi Has Played His Last Bet’, Know Why Imran Khan Said This

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