Narendra Modi in France: ‘There is no place in India now’, know the important things of PM’s speech


Narendra Modi in France: ‘There is no place in India now’, know the important things of PM’s speech: Prime Minister Narendra Modi is on a two-day visit to France. On Friday, he addressed the Indian community in the UNESCO headquarters. A large number of people were carrying tricolor to listen to PM Modi.

During this time, people are possible if Modi is there and shout slogans of Bharat Mata Ki Jai. Addressing the people, PM Modi mentioned the development status and direction of India. During this, he referred to India’s efforts on the mission Chandrayaan to climate change. Special things are presented about PM Modi’s speech

Modi says on Article 370:

PM Modi said that now there is no place like Temperi in India. 70 years have been spent in the country of Gandhi and Buddha by removing Temperari. He said that I do not understand that to laugh is to cry.

Made the promise made 4 years ago:

The Prime Minister said that Paris is Rama in devotion. Those who do not change their time for Indra, today has changed for Narendra. He said, “Generally leaders forget their promise. 4 years ago I came to France when promised. I remember that. I said that India has gone on a journey of aspirations and hopes. Today, India has not only set out on the road but is growing rapidly ahead of the faith of 130 crore Indians. This is the reason why a strong mandate has been received. ”

Football goal and Modi’s strategy:

PM Modi shared his strategy through football to the people sitting in the auditorium. He said that those who are lovers of football know what it means to score a goal. Our government has scored impossible goals.

The PM said, “I am a football lover. You know what a goal means in football. We had set such goals for our government which seemed impossible. But we have also given red cards to many evils in the last 5 years.”

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