NASA’s Insight LANDER records strange sounds on Mars, scientists surprised


NASA’s Insight LANDER records strange sounds on Mars, scientists surprised: The search continues on Mars keeping all things in mind. All agencies around the world continue to research here by sending their satellites from time to time. So far it has been discovered here with regard to water, ice, level of gravity and some other things. Now NASA has installed a new machine here and has captured the strange sounds rising on the planet and is studying them.

More than 100 odd sounds found

NASA scientists have captured more than 100 odd sounds on Mars. NASA’s Jet Propulsion Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), under the latest discovery, has sensed some vibrations on Mars. A release has also been issued by NASA to give information about this. According to this NASA’s Insight Lander has detected more than 100 vibrations on Mars till date, of which 21 are considered strong.

Scientists are studying these voices

Now scientists are studying these voices. Scientists are making different meanings of these voices. The insight from which Nasa captured these sounds was equipped with a highly sensitive seismometer called the Seismic Experiment for Interior Structures (SEIS). This machine can also measure the vibration of micro to micro form.

Study of seismic waves being done

The instrument was designed by NASA to listen to the marsquake. In fact, NASA scientists for the first time want to study how seismic waves of these earthquakes pass through the interior of the planet, revealing the deep internal structure of Mars.

Worked on such things for the first time

SEIS started working on such a possibility for the first time on 23 April this year since landing on the red planet in November last year. SEIS had kept it very fast at first but later it was kept to the level of listening with headphones. The SEIS equipment center was provided by the National d’étude Spatial (CNES), the French space agency. Information about this has been given on the Global Times website.

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